Pre-season meeting - 1
Tuesday 3rd April 2007

The pre-season meeting of the L&DCC will take place TONIGHT at Sefton Park CC at 7:30 pm.

Anyone who is a member of a club may attend. Clubs that are not represented will be fined 25.00.


1.  Welcome and Roll Call.

2.  Chairman's opening remarks

3.  (i) Administrative Procedures 2007

3.  (ii) Management Committee proposal

The Cricket Committee shall:


1.  be chaired by the Cricket Chairman;


2.  meet as necessary but at a minimum of quarterly intervals after due and reasonable notice has been given;


3.  maintain contact among the whole committee between meetings by regular exchange of e-mails and or telephone calls or by any other convenient means;


4. have the powers of co-option but will include as ex-officio members, the Management Committee as necessary, the Fixtures and Results Secretary, the Webmaster, the Registration Officer, the 3rd XI Fixtures and Results Secretary and a representative of the MCUA plus a representative from each of seven full member clubs;


5. have the seven full member clubs chosen annually and alphabetically. The initial seven clubs will be Ainsdale, Bootle, Colwyn Bay, Fleetwood Hesketh, Formby, Highfield and Hightown. The seven clubs will change annually and be formally notified to the L&DCC at the appropriate AGM;


6. deal with all cricketing matters, including youth cricket, deduction of points, registration of players and fines for breaching the Constitution, Rules and Regulations.  It may also set up sub committees to deal with such matters as the selection of the representative teams and 3rd XI cricket.


7. report via the Cricket Chairman to the Management Committee at regular intervals and at least every month. 

3.  (iii) Election of Cricket Chairman - Mr PGM Lovgreen (proposed by Leigh CC, seconded by Maghull CC)

4.  Cricket Issues

5.  Club and Ground Issues

6.  MCUA Issues

7.  AOB

8.  Closure of Meeting