Proposal for L&DCC U16 and U20 Knockout Competitions
Timmy Watkins - Monday 9th April 2007

Please find below my first effort at the competition idea, raised at the pre-season meeting last week. It was greeted well and we now have the opportunity to get this out to the clubs quickly to invite entries.
The obvious points of interest from my proposal (which is clearly subject to change/alteration etc as we see fit).
No associate members have beenincluded at present....if they were invited, there would be 31 possible entries and the regions would be different ie Caldy, Oxton replace Bootle/Northern making three groups of eight and one of seven.
Do we like the regions as proposed? If not, how would you change?
Please get all your thoughts back to me ASAP at watkinstim7080@aol.com


1.  Each Competition will have its own Trophy (supplied by the L&DCC) and will be open to the Age groups of all full member Clubs on a voluntary entry basis.

2.  For ease, the initial rounds will be seeded in groupings of 7 teams, based on geography, which will then lead to 4 teams qualifying as semi finalists. A draw will take place for the semi finals and host club for the final.

3.  The home club will be responsible for all arrangements in relation to ground preparation (including cancellation and offering dates). Each team should supply an umpire in the regional stage. It is hoped, finances permitting, that L&DCC would fund panel umpires for all semi final and final fixtures.

4.  Only bona fide members of clubs represented in the competition are eligible to participate and no player may represent more than one club in the same season.

5.  A player, although he be a bona fide member of a club represented in the competition but playing in regular Saturday cricket for another club in another weekend league, competition or association will not be eligible.

6.  All teams must adhere to the current ECB eligibility criteria and ECB Codes of Conduct.

7.  Matches will be of 20 overs each side. The semi final and final are intended, where possible, to consist of two innings for each side, each innings to be of 20 overs.

8.  When matches are affected by weather, a minimum of 10 overs per side must be played. In the case of bad weather during the final, each side must complete one innings. In each case the faster scoring rate overall will decide. When it is impossible for a tie to be completed due to inclement weather (after allowing for possible postponement or replay) the toss of a coin will decide the winners.

9.  In the event of a tie, the result to be decided in favour of the side losing the least number of wickets. If both sides have lost the same number of wickets, the result will be decided on the higher rate of scoring over the first 10 overs (20 overs in the final).

10.  Matches are to be played by the dates stipulated. A match postponed due to inclement weather should be played by the Thursday or Friday of the following week. A match further postponed due to inclement weather should be played on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of the following week in that order. If the weather prohibits the match being played on all five dates, the matter is to be referred to the organisers.

11.  The final shall be played on a Sunday.

12.  No bowler to bowl more than 4 overs.

13.  The National Knockout rule regarding the use of discs shall apply. In this competition, for the first 6 overs of each innings a maximum of 2 fielders can be outside the discs and for the remainder of the innings a maximum of 5 fielders outside.

14.  Apart from the above, normal MCC laws apply and the organisers to decide on any other matters.

15.  The regions should be grouped as follows;

a Bootle, Colwyn Bay, New Brighton, Northern, Northop Hall, Prestatyn, Wallasey.

b.  Highfield, Maghull, Leigh, Newton le Willows, Ormskirk, Orrell Red Triangle, Wigan.

c.  Ainsdale, Fleetwood Hesketh, Formby, Hightown, Lytham, Southport and Birkdale, Southport Trinity.

d.  Huyton, Liverpool, Rainhill, St Helens, St Helens Recs, Sefton Park, Wavertree.

16.  Regional dates to be advised once the level of entries in each competition is established.