Player eligibility - false categorisation
Friday 2nd July 2010

It has been brought to the attention of this website that a Category 3 player, for whom the deadline was May 31st,  has been been registered, at the suggestion of the Registration Secretary, as a Category 1.

The player concerned is from Ireland. To be eligible as a Category 1, he has to meet the following criteria.

3 Qualification of Players (Men and Boys)

3.1 Regulations Governing the Qualification of Cricketers for England

Subject to the overriding discretion of the ECB, acting with the consent of the International Cricket Council, a Cricketer will only be qualified to play for England in a Test Match or in a One Day International Match if:

(a) he is either a British citizen or an Irish citizen; (Yes, he is Irish) and

(b1) he was born within England and Wales; (he was not) or

(b2) he has been resident in England and Wales for the immediately preceding four consecutive years; (he has not) and

(c) he has not during the immediately preceding four consecutive years either

(i) played cricket for any Full Member Country outside the EEA at U17 level or above,

or (ii) played First Class Cricket in any such Full Member Country except as an overseas cricketer under local rules similar to Regulation 3 (Unqualified Cricketers) of the ECB Regulations Governing the Qualification and Registration of Cricketers, or in any other circumstances approved by the ECB; and

(d) he makes, whenever requested by the ECB, a declaration in the form set out in Annex B to the ECB Regulations defining Qualification for England.

(e) In the case of a Cricketer seeking to become qualified under (b2) above he will (until he has become qualified to play for England) only be treated as having been resident within England and Wales for the relevant consecutive period if he has spent a minimum of 210 days in each year within England and Wales (for which purpose "year" shall mean a year ending 1st April). (he has not)


webmaster: The above criteria also applies to anyone from Scotland owing that country, like Ireland, having its own Cricket Board.

From the above in red, it can be seen that the player concerned DOES NOT meet the Category 1 criteria. For the relevant officer to not only allow this, but suggest he be Category 1, brings his position into question, even to the extent of it being untenable.

Clubs ask for honesty and a straight forward application of the rules, not a personal interpretation but what is there in 'black and white'. It has been evident that favouritism has been shown to some clubs but not others. This has to stop.


The player concerned has been accepted as a Category 1. Blatant contravention of the rules by the Registration Secretary.

The moral of the story. Get a Category 3 overseas player, put Category 1 his reg form and the Registration Secretary will accept it without question.