Registration of 3rd XI players
Tuesday 16th November 2010

There will be a proposal at the AGM that all 3rd XI players should be registered.

The MC states on the community website that 'the Management Committee knows of no other Premier League that does not insist on the full registration of all its players'.

So much for that theory as the L&DCC's neighbour, the Cheshire County League insists that, to comply with ECB Premier League requirements, only players in its 1st XI Premier Division (ie 1st XI players of 12 clubs) have to be registered, other divisions are regarded as feeder leagues. If they are one, how many other leagues are there? Whether you register other divisions is optional but nothing to do with the ECB.

An example of what constitutes a 'Premier League' was illustrated when Ata-ur-Rehman was allowed to play for Waltham in Essex in the ECB Club Championship on a Sunday in 2008 whilst he was playing for First Division Northop Hall on a Saturday. The reason why he was allowed to do this was given by the ECB at the time "that Northop Hall were not a Premier League team. Had they been, he wouldn't have been able to play for Waltham".

This shows that the term 'Premier League' applies to a league's top division and not to the league itself.

Registration in 3rd XI will, however, assist 1st and 2nd XI captains as they won't have to bother whether a 3rd teamer that they pull in at the last minute is registered. It would also, hopefully, put an end to various entries of one person's name.

The majority of clubs don't see, or hear from, most of their players from September to April. Surely April will be the time the 'name crunching' takes place.

Some say that we have already reached the time that a club's secretary needs a Doctorate in Business Studies to keep of top of L&DCC's requirements. We have ceased just playing cricket.