Colwyn Bay top the C&G charts
Wednesday 24th November 2010

General Management scores for each club have now been allocated. The resulting overall scores for 2010 have now been calculated, see here.

All clubs have been re-assessed in 2010 and revised spreadsheet reports for each club have now been published on this website. Some clubs have received only partial assessments for the new areas which were transferred from the umpires' report cards to the assessments (the yellow highlighted areas on the spreadsheets). The pink highlighted areas are those where scores fall below 60% of the maximum possible.

Clubs are requested to examine these reports carefully and advise the Club & Ground Chairman if any areas have been wrongly assessed due to recent improvements. Some clubs were last assessed fully in 2008 and the Management Committee is aware that most clubs are constantly improving their facilities. It is hoped that most clubs will have a reassessment visit in 2011 so it will be helpful to know where clubs feel scores are too low.

A summary report covering all clubs has also been published, 'C&G Assesssment Report 2010'. There are five sheets included on the spreadsheet: the first gives the assessment criteria for each item; the second gives an overall summary for all clubs in alphabetical order; the third to fifth sheets give the summaries for each division, Premier to Second respectively. They provide a 'league table' of clubs' facilities and again Colwyn Bay CC is top of the tree.

Twenty three clubs are at or above the Premier Division standard and only three clubs fall below the First Division standard. This represents an excellent result and, apart from the few clubs which now have lower scores than last year, clubs are to be congratulated for their excellent work.