Updates for Player Registration 2012
Friday 3rd February 2012

ECB Guidance on UK Border Agency (UKBA) rules for overseas player entry to England and Wales is explained.

The ECB has prepared a guidance document for clubs intending to bring overseas born players to England or Wales.

It sets out restrictions and conditions on clubs and players for each type of entry visa. For further clarification clubs need to be aware of the following:

 The player has to satisfy UKBA requirements to come into the country to undertake the activities that he declares he is coming here for. In terms of playing cricket, this can be done with a Tier 5 (Sports person) sponsor's certificate or a Sports Visitor Visa. The ECB document gives a full list of visas.

 The Tier 5 process requires the club to be a licensed sponsor and the player to hold a Certificate of Sponsorship issued in the UK by the UKBA.

 Tier 5 players must receive Governing Body Endorsement from the ECB - (including a minimum 5 first class match requirement plus other conditions set out on the ECB website).

 Tier 5 players can be paid for playing and coaching cricket and they are liable for National Insurance contributions (minimal).

 The Sports Visa is issued in the player's own country of origin on receipt of a letter from the club saying that the club is amateur and he is playing as an amateur.

 Sports Visitor Visa players cannot be paid (this is emphasised on the visa approval document). However, they are eligible for reimbursement of airfare, accommodation and reasonable expenses.

 The Matrix document explains the level of coaching which a visa holder may perform. Clubs must be aware that coaching qualification levels in other countries are not necessarily equivalent to ECB Level 2 which is the minimum requirement in England and Wales.

 Clubs with Sports Visitor Visa players should be aware that both club and player are subject to random checks on accommodation and living expenses by the UKBA.

 Clubs are responsible for full compliance with all relevant immigration laws when they bring players into this country.

 An approval of registration by LDCC in no way transfers responsibility for the legality of the documentation to the LDCC. It is only accepted in good faith by the LDCC as part of the registration process.

Following changes agreed at the AGM, the Player Registration Rules and Forms have been updated.  

Player Registration Rules

Player Registration Form

Player Registration Form - Category 1b players

Player Registration Form - Category 3 (exempt) players

The main changes affect the registration of 3rd XI players, the use of 'sub-professional' players and time limits for the reply to requests for player release.

Clauses 4(a)(i) and 7(b) affect 3rd XI registrations. Clause 5b will ensure that clubs reply quickly to requests for the release of transferring players. Clauses 5(e) and 5(f) relate to the practice of drafting in 'sub-professional' players to cover for absences.

The various player registration and overseas born declaration forms are reissued without a 'year' reference but are otherwise unaltered.