TCS training day at Bootle CC
Saturday 18th February 2012

This only applies to those clubs that are either collecting their computers or helping with the training and it's a working lunch too.

The computers for First and Second Divisions, together with the software packages, will be distributed to those clubs that have already ordered them on Saturday 24th March 2012 at Bootle CC at 11:00am.

Please note that it is now too late to order this computer package.

Clubs will have to sign for this equipment but that's all. They will receive, entirely free of charge, a lap top, a charger and case plus the latest Total Cricket Scorer (TCS) software and the Live Update software.

John Isterling and the ECB ACO will run through their very good A/V training package on TCS. There will be handouts to take away that support this presentation.

Lunch will be taken 'on the run'.

As we are lucky enough to have in our midst already some very skilful and gifted computer scorers, we very much hope that we can persuade them - mainly the 2011 Premier League club scorers - to attend as well with their computers to help with the training process.

Buddy helpers don't need to arrive at Bootle until about 12:00 noon, ie in time for lunch.

These helpers will then be able to work on a 'buddy basis' during the afternoon and show how it's done, it's not hard.

Training will take as long as is required but should be finished by 4:00pm.

Within reason, First and Second Division clubs are free to send more than one representative although sending double digit numbers will be frowned upon.