St Helens CC withdraws teams from the L&DCC - UPDATED
Saturday 25th February 2012

Representatives of the L&DCC Management Committee have met on two recent occasions with officials from St Helens and St Helens Recs Cricket Clubs.

After the discussions held on Wednesday 22nd February and subsequent correspondence, the following represents the position as stated by both clubs and accepted by the L&DCC:

l  The two clubs, St Helens CC and St Helens Recs CC, are not merging.

l  St Helens CC is withdrawing all its senior teams ie 1st, 2nd and 3rd from the LDCC. 

l  St Helens CC will no longer fulfil any senior fixtures in the L&DCC and now ceases to exist in its present form for season 2012.

l  St Helens CC will continue to maintain the cricket facilities at Windleshaw Road and intend to continue operating as a social club.

l  Depending on proven viability St Helens CC will enter an U16 and an U20 side in the L&DCC 2012 KO Competitions. Following a players' meeting on Monday 27th February, St Helens CC will not be entering any LDCC competitions.

l  St Helens Recs CC will continue and is likely to be renamed. Any new name is to be advised.

l  Some former players of St Helens CC may or may not choose to join this renamed club.

l  The renamed club will play at Ruskin Drive.

l  The renamed club will put a 1st XI and a 2nd XI into the L&DCC and play on Saturdays taking the fixtures of the former St Helens Recs CC.

l  The renamed club, if practicable, will put a 3rd XI into the L&DCC Sunday Premier Division taking the fixtures of the former St Helens CC Sunday 3rd X1.

l  The renamed club will also, if practicable, put a 4th XI into the L&DCC Sunday First Division (East) taking the fixtures of the former St Helens Recs CC. The Management Committee of the L&DCC will, if and as necessary, allow the fixtures of this 4th XI to be on a 'to be confirmed with the opposition basis' without penalty in 2012.

Please note:

l  The Management Committee of the L&DCC will now adjust the fixtures to show the withdrawal of St Helens CC from both cup and league competitions and amend the St Helens Recs CC name accordingly.

l  There will be 11 teams in the Second Division and 2nd X1 Second Division of the L&DCC in 2012.

l  In the Ray Digman Trophy and the Chester Cup, Ainsdale, Ormskirk and Wallasey will play in a group of three on the dates as currently shown in the fixtures. The Cricket Committee Meeting on 28th February will discuss and resolve the impact of this on runner up and qualifying arrangements.

l  The Management Committee will now look at providing a 12th club in the Second Division in 2013, following procedures as set out in the 2012 Constitution of the L&DCC.

l  The above represents the outcome of a lengthy process as presented to the L&DCC; it provides clarity and will enable effective competition in 2012.

l  Finally, the Management Committee regrets the loss of any club, particularly one with such a long history as St Helens CC,  and appreciates the difficulties recently faced by officials at both of the clubs concerned.

UPDATED: Monday 27th February 2012.