Craig Woods receives record suspension
Wednesday 4th September 2013

Craig Woods (St Helens Recs) has received a record suspension according to the statement on the much ridiculed 'Greentop' website.

It states that the player has received "an additional 1 week ban suspended until the end of the 2104 season",

Craig, who was born in 1991, will be 113 years old when the ban is lifted.


Date: 4th September 2013

A Disciplinary Report has been received from the 2nd Division match between Wavertree and St Helens Town on 26 August.

Following receipt of an Umpires Disciplinary Report, Craig Woods, St Helens Town CC, has been banned for 1 week commencing Friday 6th September 2013 for Abuse of Equipment.  In addition, the player will have an additional 1 week ban suspended until the end of the 2104 season.
St Helens Town CC are to be congratulated for their prompt action in this matter.