Hate Mail
Sunday 29th September 2013

During recent months, your webmaster has received what can only be described as 'hate mail'.

The anonymous letters are franked 'Lancashire and South Lakes' and have clearly been sent by someone suffering from a psychopathic disorder. Who else would spend their time doing such a thing?

letter 01 posted 22-07-2013

letter 02 posted 25-07-2013

letter 03 posted 07-08-2013

letter 04 posted 23-08-2013

letter 05 posted 06-09-2013

Then we have the Hon Sec attempting to fraudulently relieve the webmaster of 360. It seems to be running in 'the family'.

letter 06a posted 26-09-2013

letter 06b posted 26-09-2013 (spot the errors)