Different names on scorecards
Sunday 4th May 2014

In yesterday's 2nd XI match at Burscough, the visitors, Skelmersdale, had nine names entered on the TCS scorecard. When Burscough batted, ten names were entered, thus giving the impression that only nineteen took part in the match.

That was until you see the names that were entered on ldcc.play-cricket.com. Skelmersdale sprouted two players, Jordan Maddocks and Robbie Oliver whilst Burscough lost one on TCS, J Crowley, and gained two, Peter Athans and Ryan Howard.

Why would you only put nine and ten names on TCS if both teams had eleven? Why would you then put twenty-two names on ldcc.play-cricket.com except to falsify the scorecard to avoid being fined for under strength sides? This is not the first time it has happened, see below. 

It has since been revealed that Burscough in fact had only 8 (eight) men and so their scorer, who is also the club's secretary, falsified the scorecard on both TCS and ldcc.play-cricket.com to avoid the club being fined 30 for fielding an under strength team.

Burscough 2nd XI's match against Caldy last week was supposedly 'abandoned without a ball being bowled' and yet there were perfect playing conditions and the sun shone all day. With what happened yesterday, one has to wonder whether they had a team then.

This proves Burscough do not have the playing strength required. They do field a '3rd XI' on a Sunday in the West Lancashire League but that includes 1st and 2nd XI players.

What has happened is blatant cheating and is not fair to the other clubs who come clean and face the music when something untoward has happened.

extract from TCS SCORECARD




On 10th September 2011, Burscough 2nd XI was at home to Parkfield Liscard. The visitors arrived with seven players, batted first and reached 108-6 all out. A photograph of the scorebook clearly showing that the innings was complete after the fall of the sixth wicket was seen by the then Fixture and Results Secretary. Burscough went on to win by 10 wickets.

When the scorecard was uploaded to ldcc.play-cricket.com on the Saturday evening, Parkfield Liscard were shown as having seven men but during the following twelve hours or so that number rose to eleven, thus attempting to avoid a 40 fine. This was raised with the league Secretary who quickly defended Parkfield Liscard and was adamant that they had fielded eleven, thereby calling the person who had scored and the Fixture and Results Secretary, a liar.

There were reports last year that Burscough were short of players and were fielding unregistered players under registered players names. One was of a person who played at the beginning of the season and wasn't seen again but his name appeared every week.

Your attention has been drawn to this, not to encourage the falsification of scorecards, but to emphasise that it happens and as in 2011 and 2013, no action was taken. It is up to you, the clubs, to take action because when it is reported to the Management Committee, it falls of deaf ears.