AGM Proposals
Friday 24th October 2014

There are seven days to the 31st October deadline to put forward proposals for the forthcoming AGM.

With the exception of the Chairman, who is mid way through a two year term, all of the Management Committee places are up for election.

It is now time to elect a new Committee, one that does not have grudges, one that does not have a grudge against one player in particular who has been repeatedly and unjustifiably penalised over a period of more than ten years and it appears is suspended for breathing.

It is also a Committee that suppresses free speech, one that suspends people for speaking amongst themselves on social media, one that suspends a player for two weeks for retrieving his kit from his club's dressing room.

One that suspends a player for eight weeks for passing a comment to another player on the field of play. A suspension that was thought to be a joke and was ridiculed by police officers and magistrates when discussed at a local court.

With the exception of the Chairman, the positions involving disciplinary procedures are not electable positions and should be in an attempt to gain fair hearings for those concerned.

This year, there was one case with fake e-mails that went to three hearings, although the third was cancelled, and in each case a different member of the same club was named as being on the disciplinary panel. The club was also the club where the person responsible for issuing the suspensions had been officiating during the 2014 season.

Committee members are supposed to be neutral but that is not the case. Too often there are cases of members abusing their position and doing what they can for their own club. It's not referred to as the 'mafia' or 'junta' for nothing.

There are people on the Committee who are there solely to see their name in lights as a particular officer, not to serve the 1000s of people that are involved in the L&DCC. Ones that genuinely serve the league have their name and reputation blackened in fits of jealousy and are subjected to being victims of rigged voting at AGMs.

The trouble is the clubs don't care who is on the Management Committee. If they put chimps up for the positions, they'd vote for them.

AGM 2015 proposal form