Papers issued for 2016 AGM
Sunday 13th December 2015

The papers, all 24 pages of them, have been released for the L&DCC AGM to be held at Bootle CC on Tuesday 12th January 2016 at 7:30pm.

Once again it's unnecessary rule fiddling time and amongst the proposals are:-

Any club failing to attend the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting or a pre-season Captain’s Meeting in any calendar year will be fined £25.00 on the first occasion, and £50.00 on any subsequent occasion. 

1st XI matches will normally commence at 12:00 noon throughout the season.

comment by a senior 1st XI player whose name has been withheld to prevent him from being suspended:

"This is a farce led by Wombles. No one can seriously want a noon start every week. It's bad enough the last few weeks of the season! People are busy on Saturday mornings, living their lives. The game already has an issue with players finishing careers earlier than they should and not staying in the game. This is just another reason for people to finish playing."

another said "This means matches will be over earlier and so clubs will be forced to close earlier owing to nobody being there and they will lose money."

2nd XI matches will normally commence at 1:00 pm but will commence at 12:00 noon on the Saturday between the 15th and 21st of August and for the remainder of the season.

webmaster: Objections are as above with people busy on a Saturday morning, some even working and bringing the start forward by 45 minutes will bring their cricketing career to a premature end. It seems this Management Committee, none of whom are current players and only one has ever played at a high standard, is hell bent on making life for our players as miserable as possible.

No match may start later than three and a half hours after the scheduled start time (i.e.1:00 pm or 12:00 noon). If tea cannot be taken during this period, play must commence within three hours of the scheduled start time.

webmaster: This is currently two and half hours. It was set at that to allow for games to be played of a sensible length. By adding a further hour leaves matches in danger of being decided by a twenty over thrash, which is not what league cricket is about. Besides. people don't want to be hanging around for three and a half hours on the off chance a match might start.

1st and 2nd XI matches may commence up to two hours earlier than their scheduled start time with the agreement of both clubs. Applications to this effect must be made in writing to the 1st and 2nd XI Fixture Secretary by the home club no less than 14 days before the fixture in question.

webmaster: If the normal starting time is brought forward to 12:00 noon (1st XI matches), this proposal could mean matches start at 10:00am. We have set start times, stick to them. We can't have matches starting early because little Johnnie is having a party in the evening or the captain is taking his pet tadpole out for a walk. This might happen in a Mickey Mouse league but this is the Liverpool Competition, standards have been set and must be adhered to. We are not the Football League where start times may be determined by Sky or BT Sport. We are the L&DCC. You start your match when everyone else does.

Imagine Colwyn Bay setting off at 6:00am for a 10:00am start at Lytham or vice versa. Imagine the dew that will be on grounds at that time.

The start of the ‘last hour’ in 1st XI matches may be delayed for up to 30 minutes only in the event of play being affected by adverse weather and/or light conditions.

webmaster: With 1:00pm starts, some 1st XI matches have been known to go on until 8:35pm. If the 12:00 noon proposal is defeated, this would mean matches could go on until 9:05pm. Do we want this? Although we play time, our matches are based around 110 overs per match and any time lost should be lost. We aren't playing County or Test matches where time is added on to please a ticket playing spectator. We have club cricketers and do they want matches lasting what may be eight hours?

All 1st XI Premier Division clubs must operate Live Update, or any ECB required successor system, in their home games. The use of Live Update by a club shall be optional in away games. Any such club failing to operate this system in its home games shall be fined £10 on each occasion.

cwebmaster: another money making racquet dreamt up by out of touch men in suits. This might be possible if all scorers were graduates in computer science, had working computers and not the old unreliable second hand ones given to them by the L&DCC, and were at clubs that had wifi.

It is not possible to have wifi in some areas owing to geographical conditions and/or the distance of the club from the nearest telephone exchange and relying on a dongle at mobile phone rates for eight hours a match would be breaking the bank.

Whether you can use a dongle depends on the strength of the particular phone company's signal in a particular area, eg you might have a strong O2 signal in one area but it's weak in another. Also, a good mobile signal is no guarantee of a good 3G/4G signal for the dongle.

Where wifi is not possible, some clubs have justifiably refused to pay out for a dongle owing to its cost and the basis that if the league wants them, they can pay for them.

This proposal has been suggested by someone who doesn't know the first thing about technology and whose motto is "It sounds good so let's do it". Some clubs might as well write out a cheque for £110 before the season starts.

The L&DCC should be glad that clubs can find scorers even if some of whom, through no fault of their own, are not 'computer savvy'. They are going the right way to frighten off scorers altogether.

Are the umpires going to stop the game every time a run is scored to enable some scorers extra time to update their scorebook, computer and TCS live scores?

This proposal and the latest edict that 1st XI scorers will be marked depending on their experience and qualification could make it hard for clubs to find scorers.

If in any 1st, 2nd or 3rd XI Cup fixture the away team has travelled but the match has to be abandoned without result owing to the weather, the venue of the fixture shall be reversed for the replay.

webmaster: this is about the only constructive proposal listed.

A proposal here to allow New Brighton and Wallasey Cricket Clubs to play each other on Bank Holiday Mondays as promised at the pre-season meeting 2015 and following the extensive 2015 Fixture Consultation process. This proposal is from M/C but both clubs will also be able to speak in favour of this proposal.

League Matches will not normally be scheduled on Bank Holiday Mondays with the exception of the 1st X1 fixtures between New Brighton and Wallasey (when these two clubs are in the same division) which, in order to maintain the long history and tradition, will be scheduled for the appropriate Bank Holiday Mondays in each season.

webmaster: Why should these two clubs have priority over everyone else? Is this the Wirral Mafia at work again? We did away with 'long history and tradition' when clubs voted two years ago not to have matches on Bank Holiday Mondays. This proposal is in defiance of that decision and could lead to the clubs having an unfair advantage over others, even to the extent of deciding relegation as it so nearly did this year.

A proposal to insert a “Sunset” or Dissolution Clause into the Constitution of the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition in order to comply with any future Sport England Grant Requirements:

This clause may already be familiar to many clubs. It is adapted from the exemplar supplied by Sport England and is mandatory in a constitution if applications for funding to Sport England and other similar bodies are to be successful.

The clause ensures that, in the unlikely event of the L&DCC voting itself out of existence, any residual funds from its estate go to other similar tax exempt institutions as agreed by the clubs at the time.

Its insertion is a prudent measure for the MiL&DCC to take and avoids the need to call an SGM should circumstances dictate its necessity.

Dissolution of the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition:

A resolution seeking the dissolution of the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition may be passed, and only passed, at a Special or Annual General Meeting on a requisition proposed and seconded by not less than one third of all full member clubs at that time.

Two officials from each full member club proposing such a requisition must sign the proposal. An official is here defined as being the current President, Chair, Cricket Chair, Secretary or Treasurer of the full member club proposing such a dissolution resolution.

The Honorary Secretary of the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition shall call such a meeting within 28 days of receipt of the properly formulated requisition.

If at the convened meeting the resolution seeking dissolution is carried by two thirds or more of all the full member clubs, the committee shall thereupon, or on such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, be responsible for the orderly winding up of the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition affairs.

The Management Committee shall realise the assets of the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition and discharge all debts and liabilities of the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition.

Any surplus assets will be given or transferred to other tax exempt institutions having objects similar to some or all of the objects of the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition and as specified in the resolution.

webmaster: We all have to be careful here. Reading between the lines, is someone trying to dissolve the L&DCC and create another league from its ashes, thereby claiming the league's assets in the process?

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