Continuing saga of incorrect points entered on ldcc.play-cricket.com
Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Clubs are still entering incorrect points on ldcc.play-cricket.com. We had Parkfield Liscard 1st XI on Saturday and that was followed by Caldy 2nd XI where they were given 1 batting point instead of 2 for scoring 143. This further shows that the entries are not being checked, and if necessary corrected, by the Management Committee.

It's not rocket science but people carry on doing it.

The points system is shown below. Clubs should give a copy to their scorers and whoever enters their matches on ldcc.play-cricket.com.

  The Points System 2017

Some clubs are also failing to enter the 'fall of wickets' and 'names of outgoing batsmen' on ldcc.play-cricket.com. Whether this is because of laziness, we don't know. These details are required to maintain the records of the LDCC which only appear on this website.


A strong tip is to enter details on ldcc.play-cricket.com in columns as opposed to rows as our eyes are trained to make it easier to look at columns rather than rows. Try it and you'll see it works.