Northern batsman has off duty policeman to thank for saving his life
Saturday 13th May 2017

Northern batsman Phil Sloan (56) (pictured left) was walking from the field after being dismissed in a 3rd XI match at Moor Park, Great Crosby this afternoon when he suddenly collapsed.

Seeing Phil fall was an off duty policeman, James Watson, who on realising something serious had happened, immediately called for the club's defibrillator.

Together with some nurses who were watching the match, James used his police training to resuscitate the stricken batsman.

An ambulance went on to the field and took Phil to Broadgreen Hospital where it was diagnosed that he had suffered a heart attack following a blood clot.

He underwent immediate surgery with a stent being inserted.

Close friend and former Northern batsman, Geoff Tweedle, who witnessed the incident, said: "Phil was walking off the field and just collapsed. He was motionless for about five minutes. I thought he was dead but then this chap appeared with a defibrillator and he saved his life.

"We lost Andy Davies a few years ago. He, Sloanie and I were great mates. I didn't want to lose Sloanie as well."

Geoff continued "Making clubs have defibrillators and training people to use them is the best thing the Comp could have done. If the game had have been in a field in the middle of nowhere, Sloanie would have died.

"He had an operation to insert a stent and was speaking to some of the lads tonight. He desperately wanted to know the name of the man who saved his life so he can thank him."

Phil, that man's name is JAMES WATSON and he plays at Bootle CC.

Friends and colleagues wish Phil a speedy recovery.

Sunday 14th May 2017

Phil was recovering well this morning and said he thinks he will be out of hospital in a few days. He thanks all who have been offering their best wishes.