When is a rule not a rule?
Sunday 6th August 2017

At the 2017 AGM there was a rule change which stated that cup games, if started, have to be completed on the same day, whether it be naturally or if that is impossible, by way of a 'bowl out' or as a last resort, the toss of a coin.

Rule 2 - Fixtures, includes the sentence:

"The principle in Cup matches in once a match has started a result must be achieved."

Today, Rainhill had reached 140-4 in 35 overs in their Ray Digman Knockout Trophy semi final against Northern when the rains came and the match was eventually abandoned.

In the Ray Tyler Cup, the match at Aigburth had Liverpool on 25-1 (9.2) in reply to Orrell Red Triangle's 122 (38.5) before it was abandoned, whilst Spring View's match against Old Xaverians was abandoned before a finish could be reached.

A 'bowl out' or a 'toss of a coin' DID NOT take place in any of these matches. Instead, the teams were granted a replay by the LDCC's Management Committee, contrary to Rule 2.

A question has to be asked as to why they didn't enforce a 'bowl out'.

This decision completely ignores the result of the voting by the clubs at the AGM.

Why do we have an AGM when rule changes are blatantly ignored by a grossly incompetent Management Committee?

When asked why teams are being allowed replays, the League Chairman, John Williams, who incidentally has no history whatsoever with the Liverpool Competition, lamely said:

"Because it was agreed before the start that that would happen. Same for the semi finals in the Ray Tyler and in the Leddy final. Common sense given the weather forecast.

"In the spirit of 'Get the game on'. There is plenty of time before the finals. It's common sense."

If that is the case, why introduce rules for what to do if it rains, when they are ignored when it does rain?

This person has created disharmony amongst clubs who were told in previous rounds that matches which were started had to be completed on the day. Now he's making up rules as he goes along. He is an embarrassment and not fit for purpose.

We have already had the falsification of a player's registration this season to enable him to play after the deadline, followed by the unjust suspension of a player because 'his face doesn't fit'.

How much more do the clubs have to take before action is taken against this Management Committee, the members of which are seemingly only there for the prestige that goes with it? "Oh look! I'm the Chairman or whatever of the Liverpool Competition. Aren't I great?"

It doesn't work like that. You have to prove your worth before that you can say that.

The Management Committee is laughing at all of you. Take action and do something before there is any more injustice.