Disciplinary Report Agreed Action 16 2017 - Various
Friday 8th September 2017

A disciplinary hearing was arranged following a complaint from Merseyside Social and Cultural CC (MSCCC) of abusive behaviour towards umpires by Birchfield Park 1 in the match on August 12th.

The Panel comprised Richard McCullagh (Chairman), John Isterling (Northop Hall CC) and Mike Lowe (Sefton Park CC). Also present Neil Bickley (L&DCC Disciplinary Representative)

Several members of both teams answered questions about their written accounts. There was some agreement about incidents which occurred during the match and the Disciplinary Panel considered these in reaching its decisions.

The match ended when Merseyside Social and Cultural umpires and batsmen left the field and did not return.

The Panel Chairman, Richard McCullagh, gave the decisions as follows.

Refusing to complete a match is behaviour which cannot be condoned in such circumstances and the MSCCC captain, Linz Aiynattu, should have made his players continue. For failing in this and also not ensuring that the end of match formalities were carried out he is banned for ONE WEEK to commence at the start of the 2018 season with a SECOND WEEK suspended to the end of the 2018 season.

The MSCCC umpire, Saju Joseph, is banned for ONE WEEK commencing at midnight Friday 8th September until Friday 15th September with ANOTHER WEEK suspended until the end of the 2018 season.

Merseyside Social and Cultural Cricket Club will be fined ?20.00 for conceding the match in accordance with the Playing Regulations and in addition, a fine of ?50.00 will be suspended until the end of the 2018 season.  This fine will apply should MSCCC again refuse to play.

Birchfield Park Cricket Club's attitude to 'sledging' as apparent from various players' accounts is completely unacceptable and the club must take steps to ensure all its players are made aware of what is not acceptable.

Mark Corbett had already been banned for ONE WEEK by BFPCC but the panel also imposed a further weeks suspended to the end of 2018 season.

Calum Kelly is banned for ONE WEEK commencing at midnight Friday 8th September until midnight Friday 15th September with ANOTHER WEEK suspended until the end of the 2018 season.

BFPCC is to be fined ?200.00, suspended to the end of the 2018 season, if it is found guilty of unacceptable abuse of umpires again.

Summing up, the Chairman issued a warning to all clubs that such abuse of umpires will not be tolerated. Whilst it is appreciated that neutral umpires cannot be provided by the L&DCC for 2nd and 3rd XI matches all players must respect the decisions of umpires at this level whether good or bad.

The Panel and Neil Bickley are thanked for their good work and attendance.


Whilst the Management Committee, and that term is used loosely, is keen to ban and fine players, it is not so keen to discipline one of its own.

On 26th August, the Chairman of the L&DCC abused an umpire but it has not been published whether or not he has been disciplined by either the L&DCC or MCUA. He was removed from the umpires' appointments for last week and tomorrow but nothing more than that is known.

Wherever he is hasn't stopped him coming out with stupid ideas like, playing a twenty over match on a September evening or playing 2017's Cup matches in 2018.