Conceded match
Sunday 10th September 2017

It's hard enough to arrange/rearrange 1st and 2nd XI matches when you have one ground which is used for 3rd XI matches on Sundays, but to rearrange a match and the opposition not to turn up is unacceptable.

Colwyn Bay not only have had to rearrange fixtures owing to their 1st XI's run in the Welsh Cup but also had to rearrange their 2nd XI match against Skelmersdale owing to their Penrhyn Avenue ground staging the county match between Glamorgan and Sussex.

The match was rearranged for today but at 10:00am this morning Colwyn Bay received a phone call from Skelmersdale to say they couldn't raise a team and wouldn't be travelling for the match due to start at 12:45pm. They were deducted 15pts and fined 50.

This is the second time that Skelmersdale's 2nd XI has conceded a match this season as they failed to raise a team against Hightown St Mary's on August 12th. On this occasion they were deducted 10pts and fined 50.

This brings the number of conceded matches at all levels this season to 63.

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