Proposal for the 2019 LCB Knockout Cup
Monday 20th November 2017

The following is a proposal from the Secretary of the Bolton League for alterations to the LCB Knockout Cup with effect from the 2019 season.



At the moment, leagues (and participating clubs) have to reserve six Sundays for the LCB Knockout Cup, and half of the teams will exit in the first round. As in any knockout competition there are opportunities for 'giant killing' but the occasions this occurs are far outweighed by mismatches which are a waste of everyone's time. Also the luck of the draw can mean a very strong team can depart in the early stages, Northern in 2017 being just one example.

I feel the competition would be stronger if it was played on a league basis with promotion and relegation. Clubs would be guaranteed a set number of matches (five in the example below, although seven would work equally well), and teams would be playing others of roughly the same standard throughout.

At the moment I am assuming there will be six ?professional? leagues; Liverpool Competition, Northern League/Palace Shield, Bolton League, Greater Manchester League, Lancashire League and Ribblesdale League. Should this change before 2019, the changes can be absorbed in the structure.

How It Could Work

1.  The top six clubs in each league would form the top tier. I am going to suggest five tiers, but there could be more or fewer. The second placed teams would form the second tier etc.

2.  Three teams from the top tier would be relegated and replaced by the three top teams from the second tier, so by 2020 there may be two teams from one or more leagues and none from others in the top tier, the ratios could be even more pronounced with the passage of time.

3.  From the second tier three clubs would be relegated to be replaced by three clubs from the third tier.

4.  From the third tier three clubs would be promoted and three relegated.

5.  From the fourth tier three clubs would be promoted and three would exit the competition.

6.  From the fifth tier three clubs would be promoted and three would exit the competition.

7.  The six clubs exiting the competition would be replaced by the leading club in the six leagues not already in the competition. This will ensure the competition does not become a closed shop, and over time will ensure the stronger leagues have more than the original five entrants, and the weaker leagues fewer.

Competition Rules

Few changes should be needed, player eligibility for the existing competition seems to be acceptable, although possibly deputy professional could be permitted. With some minor tweaking to the Greater Manchester Cricket League bonus points, their match rules seem very suited.


The competition could be run centrally by the County, or independently by the six leagues, with a County appointed Chair or administrator, with sub committees covering grounds and discipline. Leagues/clubs may wish to play on a mixture of Saturdays and Sundays, or Bank Holiday Mondays.

Additional Knockouts

Many clubs from the leagues in existence before 2016. who frequently qualified for the LCB Knockout Cup, now find themselves in the lower divisions of the new structures.

There could still be a County Knockout champion by approaching the ECB to see if the clubs from the former leagues in Lancashire could band together in adjacent National Knockout groups to obtain a County winner during the Area stages of the National Knockout.


If you have an opinion about the above, please send it to ldccorguk@btinternet.com