New Code of Laws
Monday 1st January 2018

On 1st October last year, a new Code of the Laws of Cricket was introduced for the first time since 2000.

The significant changes to the 42 Laws are as follows:

Captains and scorers should read the new Laws as changes have been made to scoring, eg Rule 18.10.2 (page 30) states:

If the ball is not struck by the bat, runs shall be scored as Penalty runs, Byes, Leg Byes, No Ball extras  or Wides as the case may be. If Byes and Leg Byes accrue from a No Ball, only the one run penalty for the No Ball shall be scored as such, and the remainder as Byes or Leg Byes as appropriate.

The summary changes to the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code can be viewed here.

   Laws of Cricket 2017 Code

Laws of Cricket 2017 Code (book) ?3.50