The Lancashire Knockout Cup in 2019
John Murphy and Ray Taylor - Saturday 1st September 2018

Different numbers of clubs from the various leagues in Lancashire will be entering the Lancashire Knockout Cup next year.

The Lancashire Cricket Foundation (LCF) notifies that:

Following the suspension of the talks between the Lancashire League and the Ribblesdale League it is now necessary to postpone the revamp of the Lancashire Knockout Cup until the 2020 season.

In 2019, the competition format will be as follows:

1. 54 teams in total.

2. The top seven from the Lancashire Cricket League, Northern League, Liverpool and District Cricket Competition, Greater Manchester Cricket League, Bolton Cricket League, Ribblesdale Cricket League, and the Palace Shield Cricket League top will qualify for next year's competition; and

the top two from the Southport and District Amateur Cricket League and the Greater Manchester Amateur League; and

one from the Westmoreland Cricket League.

3. The winners and runners up of the Lancashire Cricket League, Northern Cricket League, Liverpool and District Cricket Competition, the Greater Manchester Cricket League and the Bolton Cricket League will be seeded totalling ten teams;

the remaining forty-four clubs will play a preliminary round to reduce down to twenty-two.

The first round proper will then consist of thirty-two teams reducing to the final two to compete in the final.

There will be further discussion at the next LCF Recreational Cricket Meeting.