Different rules for different clubs
Sunday 2nd September 2018

Two 2nd XI Premier Division matches were scheduled to be played on Saturday June 16th but because of a music festival at Ainsdale and a summer ball at Northern, the matches had to be rescheduled.

Ainsdale's match against Ormskirk was due to be played today, whilst Northern's match against Formby was due to be played on Sunday September 9th.

The teams want to fulfil the fixtures but now the Management Committee in its not so finite wisdom has decreed on ldcc.play-cricket.com that as the matches have not been played, each side will receive 5 points and the matches regarded as abandoned.

This is in contrast to the Rainhill 2 v Rainford 2 match scheduled for the last day of the season. Rainhill will not be available because of ground work and it has been said that the fixture will be reversed but played on Saturday September 22nd, one week after the season has finished.

Once again the Management Committee has adopted its 'make up the rules as we go along' strategy, and to hell with the consequences. It helps if one of your club's members is on the Management Committee and they haven't a clue what time of day it is.