It's butties and chicken legs at Comp Buffet
Friday 7th September 2018

Following the decline in attendance of the Liverpool Competition Annual Dinner in recent years as a result of high prices, mediocre food and less than mediocre speakers, the powers that be have decided that there will be a change this year.

It will become a Presentation Afternoon with a buffet lunch available on Sunday October 7th between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm at Bootle CC.

(This is a rule change that hasn't been sanctioned at an AGM or SGM.)

This will be followed by the endless presentation of trophies, the number of which increase season by season.

The cost has been halved to 60 per club and this will be collected directly by BACS.

For 60, a club will have a table for nine.

Dress code will be 'smart casual'

Liverpool play Manchester City at Anfield on October 7th and the match is on Sky so that will be an excuse for their supporters not to attend. If they do pop in before the match, 'doggy bags' will be supplied.

It is also felt that only clubs with a trophy to collect will be there and they aren't guaranteed because people have more important things to do on a Sunday afternoon.

There was a time when Annual Dinners at Sefton were enjoyable events but then they were taken 'outside' to hotels and Everton FC before going to a cold outbuilding at Wadham Road, by which time people had lost interest and those that do attend invariably go into 'Chinatown' afterwards because they are still hungry.

One current 1st XI captain is so disgusted with the way that the LDCC is being administered that he is seriously contemplating bringing an end to his L&DCC career which began in 1996.

One disgruntled club secretary said "No one consulted our club about the change to the league dinner. It takes it to the level of a kids' football team. This is what the Management Committee does. It makes non constitutional decisions and then holds the clubs responsible. Other leagues follow what's happening in the Comp and just laugh at how poorly it is run."