Happy New Year
Tuesday 1st January 2019

A Happy New Year to our sponsors and readers.

We welcome Norley Hall CC to the fold and a place in the Second Division, replacing Skelmersdale.

No doubt 2019 will be a year in which the L&DCC Management Committee will continue to concoct another 8000's worth of fines and clubs don't do anything about it.

A year where clubs continue to invent reasons so that they can have matches postponed, eg grounds are waterlogged when they are in fact rock hard and they haven't enough players to field a team or so they can have tadpole racing on their village green. It does happen.

The falsification of scoresheets where clubs name eleven players but only field ten, or in one case seven in a particular 2nd XI match a few years ago.

Also overseas players being passed off as English/Welsh when everyone knows they aren't.

It will all continue whilst the current Management Committee is allowed to dictate to the L&DCC.

Being honest is a thing of the past and one person who claims to have the Committee in his back pocket will be allowed to continue just as before.