L&DCC Knockout Draws
Friday 11th January 2019

Having already received the draws for Lancashire Cricket Federation Knockout and Royal London Club Championship, clubs are eagerly awaiting the draws for the various L&DCC knockout competitions. These will be made on Monday 21st January.

Clubs are automatically entered into the Ray Digman Knockout Trophy, Ray Tyler Shield, Chester Cup and Tittershill Cup (unless disqualified for failing to fulfil matches in 2018) but once again, the L&DCC Management Committee has shirked responsibility and is leaving clubs to apply to enter the:-

Vitality Club T20 (1st XI) (ECB Premier League clubs are entered automatically);
Chrysalis Cup (2nd XI T20);
Mike Leddy Cup (3rd XI 40 overs); and
Embee Trophy (3rd XI T20)

NB The deadline for these applications is Friday 18th January. Entries will NOT be accepted after this date, irrespective of reason or club concerned. We'll see if that directive is observed.

There was a time when draws were made in public forum to prevent any accusations of fiddles.

Clubs would enjoy the evening as draws were revealed, but now there is a danger of teams being deliberately paired or kept apart and nobody will know.

The author of the item on the Greentop continues to show his ignorance, and thus making himself a laughing stock, by writing 'X1' instead of 'XI'.

'X1' doesn't mean anything but 'XI' are the Roman numerals for eleven.