Ban on overseas players
Monday 1st April 2019

To coincide with the inevitable exit from the EU and the application of Brexit, the L&DCC has decided it is time to put an end to its clubs recruiting overseas players.

Very rarely has the use of an overseas player been responsible for bringing a trophy to a club and so the exercise has been a waste of money.

Any club that has arranged an overseas player for the forthcoming season is to cancel their contract forthwith. Any legal expenses incurred will be paid by the L&DCC.

The money that would have been used to pay these players is 'dead money' and is to be used by clubs to improve their grounds and bring on their own home grown players.

Another alteration is that clubs must field players who live within a two mile radius of the club. Players brought in from outside that radius, eg a player who lives on the Fylde and plays for a club in Liverpool, will not be accepted for registration for that club. This will be an attempt to stop clubs creaming other clubs of its best players thereby weakening those clubs. This rule change would wipe out one club's entire 1st XI.