Obituary - Colin Thompson
Ainsdale CC - Wednesday 12th June 2019

It is with regret that we give notice of the passing today of Colin Thompson after a long illness. He was 73.

Born on 20th November 1945, Colin was a tremendously popular character in the league and while his passing will be met with sorrow, memories of him will put smiles on the faces of those who knew him for years to come.

Colin started playing for Hightown aged 13 and was indebted to the guidance given to him by his mentor Doug Rothwell which he took onboard and served him well throughout his career.

Colin continued to play cricket in the summer and rugby in winter for Hightown until his retirement in the late '80s.

Through this time he saw many changes within cricket, overseas pros being a particular bugbear - not that this stopped him making each one he came across feel tremendously welcome especially, those who played alongside John, his son.

Colin reignited his cricketing career in the mid '90s playing alongside his son John for Formby, a club where he had a great many friends not least of all the 'Dad's Army', for whom Colin took great pride in being part of and playing for in their midweek fixtures.

John left to join Ainsdale in 2000 thus prompting Colin's final retirement from playing.

Colin continued to support John and was a welcome and popular member of the club, much loved by many of John's teammates and will forever hold a place in their hearts, not least of all for the moment they won the Kaufman Cup in 2001, to be greeted by Colin walking onto the pitch with a beer for all the team while announcing it was time to 'Start the Party!'.

Colin is survived by his wife of 48 years Margaret, daughters Claire and Hannah, son John and grandchildren Sophie, Katie, Francis and Eddie.

Colin Thompson 20-11-1945 to 12-06-2019.