Clubs utter disgust at Rainhill decision
Friday 2nd August 2019

Clubs are utterly disgusted at the way the L&DCC Management Committee has treated the Rainhill incident, as reported here.

You will see from the above link that Rainhill have been deducted 71 pts instead of the 131 as required by Rule 6.2 which states:

6.2 Defaulting a match

6.2.1  Any team found to have played a player in any L&DCC match who was ineligible for any of the reasons contained in these rules and regulations will have defaulted on the fixture and be subject to the following penalties:

6.2.2 In a league fixture - in addition to forfeiting any points gained during it, be subject to the following penalties:

1. on the first occasion a deduction of 10 points and a fine of 25.00;

2. on the second occasion a deduction of 20 points and a fine of 50.00;

3. on the third occasion a deduction of 30 points, a fine of 75.00 and any further penalties resulting from a disciplinary hearing, which will be called automatically.

6.2.3 In addition to all or any of the penalties 1 to 3 above, 25 points will be awarded to the opponents in any league fixture when a team has played an ineligible player.

It has been claimed by Rainhill that there were mitigating circumstances and these were taken into consideration but as one person has hastened to point out, there isn't anything in the rules that allows the Management Committee to apply mitigation.

He is correct. Because in the rules, there is NO allowance for mitigation and so the full deduction of 131 pts should have been applied together with the 150.00 fine and maybe further penalties as referred to in clause 3 above.

The 60 points not deducted could be the difference between staying up or going down for several clubs, especially Lytham and Colwyn Bay who occupy the bottom two places. If they were relegated, they could lose players and as has been stated, it might be curtains for one of them.

This is not the first time, there have been too numerous to mention, that the Management Committee has totally ignored the rules of the L&DCC as voted upon by the clubs, and applied their own versions, e.g. the above.

It is also not the first time that a club who has someone on the Management Committee has been treated favourably when rules weren't applied.

"Oh sir! We don't want 131 pts taken from us. We'll accept 71."
"Oh ok then, you can have 71."

Clubs have to respond here. They have to insist that the 60 penalty points are in place immediately and also place a distinct vote of NO CONFIDENCE in this joke of a Management Committee.

A committee is ready to replace it and the sooner it happens, the better. Everybody will be singing from the same hymn sheet and there won't be any cheating or the like and rules will be applied as they are written.

At the moment the league is run by three people, we know who they are, and the sooner they go the better and they can take everyone else with them.

It has been brought to notice that at a recent AGM, one club put forward a proposal, which was seconded, that included twelve (12) changes to 3rd XI cricket. Was it included at the meeting? You've guessed it. No. And that is not the first time that perfectly legitimate proposals have conveniently been omitted from an AGM.