No public apology received
Sunday 4th August 2019 at 00:01 hrs

In shades of 1939 when Neville Chamberlain said that "as Germany has not withdrawn its troops from Poland, this country is now at war with Germany", midnight last night has passed and the L&DCC has failed to a public apology to Mike Dixon for libellous comments issued by e-mail and on the greentop website in the allotted time scale, see here.

As a result, it is now Mike Dixon's intention to commence legal action against the L&DCC Management Committee and the persons involved in the afore mentioned libellous statement.

The President had pleaded with the Chairman and Secretary to post apologies but they refused.

That displays the arrogance of two people who are desperately holding on to their jobs. Hopefully, not for much longer.

So Management Committee, you'd better start counting the pennies in your piggy banks. You'll be needing them and a lot more.