The weekend's matches
Saturday 1st August 2020

At last cricket is back after tbe COVID-19 pandemic lockdown but even now, some teams will be struggling to raise a team owing to the one person-one car (unless members of the same family) rule.

One person who does not have a car has gone as far as saying "If they think I'm going to get on a bus and then a train in my whites, they've another think coming."

The men in suits who have created this ridiculous ruling assume that everyone has a car to travel to and from grounds.

The season kicks off with the first round of Restart 45 over matches. These will be played over six Saturdays with play offs scheduled for the following two.

An abbreviated guide has been specifically produced for clubs to be aware of the variations and additions to the normal playing rules as well as identifying some of the key safety aspects for distribution to their players. We hope you find it useful.

1. All matches to be played under the Rules for the 1st XI Cup competition as set out on pages 63 to 70 of the 2019 Handbook. The main points and some changes are listed below.

2. Player Registration: 1st XI players must be registered via play-cricket by 5:00pm the day before the game.

3. 45 overs. Start time: 12:00 noon or by mutual agreement.

4. Length of innings: 2 hours 50 minutes. No penalties to apply.

5. Balls: the home team will provide both balls up to and including semi-finals; balls will be provided by the League in the 1st v 2nd place finals in all three competitions.

6. Points: win = 3 points; tie = 2 points (where scores are level irrespective of anything else); no result = 1 point.

7. Umpires Fees and Team Details: Umpires Fees must be paid in cash before the game. 2019 levels apply and the 45.00 must be placed in a sealed envelope and passed to the umpire. The team's details should be written on the envelope. Team cards are not to be used.

8. play-cricket/match reporting results to be posted on ldcc.play-cricket.com by the home team within 24 hours of the game's completion. No fines for late postings. Please note MRFs are not required.

9. Discipline: All disciplinary bans and suspended bans have been put in abeyance for the duration of the Restart competition and will continue from the start of the 2021 season. All games in the Restart competition are subject to the normal Liverpool Competition and ECB Disciplinary process.

10. On match day (from ECB Guidance)

 Clubs must remind all players of the following:

l Anyone showing signs of symptoms of COVID-19 should not play. If on site, they should leave immediately.
l Not to arrive early with only 30 minutes before the game for practice.
l If travelling away, do so independently.
l Arrive ready to play and bring own food and refreshments.
l Remember that they, plus scorer and other designated officials, are in a 'team bubble' for the duration of the match. No one else is allowed in their designated area.
l Players must not engage with spectators.
l During the match only enter the clubhouse to use designated toilets.
l To make regular use of hand gel and sanitizer provided.
l COVID-19 Stage 4 rules regarding club facilities apply (unless subsequently advised by ECB).

Please ensure ALL players are aware of these and other COVID-19 safety measures which were put in place by the ECB in order to get permission from the government for recreational cricket to start again, If these measures are seen as being ignored, there is a serious danger that the season will be curtailed. It is all part of the protocol that we all must follow.


Saturday 1st August (12:00 noon)



 RESTART KNOCKOUT WEEK 1 - 45 overs per side 
 Group A 
 Fleetwood Hesketh v Southport Trinity Norman Edwards and Gareth Townsend
 Southport and Birkdale v Ainsdale Les Knowles and Lol Watts
 Group B 
 Bootle v Ormskirk Chris Dunn and Chris Spencer
 Northern v Formby John Farrell and Ian Laurence
 Group C 
 Hightown St Mary's v Maghull Andrew Jones and Dave Scrutton
 Sutton v Alder Hugh Evans and Chris Williams
 Group D 
  Newton le Willows v St Helens Town Ian Craven and Gareth Fishwick
  Rainhill v Rainford Craig Parkinson and Dave Smith
 Group E 
 Liverpool v Sefton Park Dave Halewood and Andy Webb
 Old Xaverians v Wavertree Jeremy Clein and Jason Salleh
 Group F 
 Birkenhead Park v Caldy Eddie Shiff and Mark Wilkie
 Wallasey v New Brighton Alistair Davies and Steve Edwards
 Group G 
 Leigh v Orrell Red Triangle Stephen Fildes and Dave Wood
 Spring View v Norley Hall Martin James and John Lawton
 Wigan v Highfield Peter Crook and Bernard Teebay