The Ray Tyler Shield Scorecards - 2018
first round
01. Birkenhead Park v Northop Hall at Lower Park, Birkenhead on Sunday May 20th
02. Southport Trinity v Sutton at the Rookery, Southport on Sunday May 13th
03. Alder v Hightown St Mary's at Alder Road, West Derby on Sunday May 13th
04. Spring View v Wigan at Dower House Farm, Wigan on Sunday May 6th
second round
05. Old Xaverians v Sefton Park at Beaconsfield Road, Childwall on Sunday June 3rd
06. Prestatyn v Birkenhead Park at Beach Close, Prestatyn on Sunday June 3rd
07. St Helens Town v Maghull at Ruskin Drive, St Helens on Sunday June 3rd
08. Burscough v Sutton at School Lane, Burscough on Sunday June 3rd
09. Parkfield_Liscard_v Wavertree at Sandown Lane, Wavertree on Sunday June 3rd
10. Caldy v Hightown St Mary's at Paton Field, Caldy on Sunday June 3rd
11. Skelmersdale v Liverpool at Firswood Park, Lathom on Sunday June 3rd
12. Fleetwood Hesketh v Spring View at Sea Cop, Southport on Sunday June 10th
third round
13. Sefton Park v Prestatyn at Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park on Sunday July 8th
14. Maghull v Sutton at Old Hall Field, Maghull on Sunday June 17th
15. Wavertree v Hightown St Mary's at Sandown Lane, Wavertree on Sunday June 24th
16. Liverpool v Spring View at Aigburth Road, Liverpool on Sunday July 1st
semi final round
17. Sefton Park v Sutton at Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park on Sunday July 29th
18. Wavertree v Liverpool at Sandown Lane, Wavertree on Sunday July 15th
final round
19. winner of match 17 v Liverpool on Sunday September 2nd
first round second round third round semi final round final round
play on
Sunday May 13th
play on
Sunday June 3rd
play on
Sunday June 24th
play on
Sunday July 15th
play on
Sunday Sept 2nd
.  Old Xaverians .Sefton Park  Sefton Park. .
.  Sefton Park
.  Prestatyn .Prestatyn
 Birkenhead Park .Birkenhead Park
 Northop Hall
.  St Helens Town .Maghull .Sutton.
.  Maghull
.  Burscough  Sutton.
 Southport Trinity .Sutton
.  Parkfield Liscard .Wavertree .Wavertree .Liverpool
.  Wavertree
.  Caldy  Hightown St Mary's
 Alder .Hightown St Mary's
 Hightown St Mary's
.  Skelmersdale .Liverpool .Liverpool
.  Liverpool
.  Fleetwood
.Spring View
 Spring View .Spring View