The 37th Season of
The Liverpool Echo Invitation Cricket Knockout Trophy
Draw - 2010
(winning side shown in RED)

Teams that concede will not be entered in next season's competition - James Pearce (Liverpool Echo)


(matches to be played on Thursday 13th or Friday 14th May)

Fleetwood Hesketh 126-4 v Wallasey 117
New Brighton 148-8 v
166-7 (holders)


(matches to be played on Thursday 3rd or Friday 4th June)

Irby 109-2 v Birkenhead St Mary's 108 (batted first)
Chester Boughton Hall 182-2 v St Mary's Old Boys 64
Liverpool 136-8 v Old Xaverians 70
Highfield 139-6 (batted first) v
Rainhill 141-4
Northern 88 v
Bootle 144-4
Birkenhead Park 131-7 (batted first) v
Skelmersdale 132-4
Ainsdale 92-6 v St Helens 92 (batted first)
Sefton Park v Port Sunlight (conceded)
Newton le Willows 145-5 v Leigh 90
Ormskirk 201-4 v Huyton 173-4
Wigan 133-4 v Formby 132 (batted first)
St Helens Recs 138-9 v Alder 98
Hightown 149-5 v Parkfield Liscard 119-7
Southport and Birkdale 106-6 v Fleetwood Hesketh 104-6 (batted first)
Neston 198-3 v Wavertree 136-5
Maghull 159-7 v Sutton 123-9

New draws will be made for the third and subsequent rounds which are to be played on the following dates:


(matches to be played on Thursday 24th or Friday 25th June)

Bootle 141-9 (holders) v Chester Boughton Hall 113-6
St Helens Recs 151-5 v
Hightown 131-7
Maghull 113-6 (batted first) v Neston 114-4
Irby 148-8 (batted first) v Rainhill 146-5
Liverpool 100-8 (batted first) v Ormskirk 102-2
Sefton Park
163-9 v Newton le Willows 162-7 (batted first)
Southport and Birkdale 74-1 v Ainsdale 70
152-4 v Skelmersdale 106-9


(matches to be played on Thursday 15th or Friday 16th July)
(MCUA umpires required from this round onwards)

Ormskirk 132-7 v Bootle 122-6
Irby 119-4 v Neston 117-7 (batted first)
Wigan 47 v
St Helens Recs 149-2 (played at Ruskin Drive)
Sefton Park 126-7 v Southport and Birkdale 105-9


(matches MUST be played on Thursday 5th or Friday 6th August)

St Helens Recs 106-8 (batted first) v Ormskirk 107-8 scorecard
Sefton Park 127-5 v Irby 126-8 (batted first) scorecard


(match to be played on Sunday 5th September)
- two innings of twenty overs per side -

Sefton Park 79 and 94 v Ormskirk (batted first) 125-4 and 118-5 scorecard

previous winners


(reproduced by kind permission of the Liverpool Echo exclusively to this website)