Liverpool Competition player suspensions for 2016 season


The suspensions listed below apply to organisations affiliated to the Lancashire Cricket Board, neighbouring county boards and the England and Wales Cricket Board, unless otherwise stated.


Disciplinary Report Agreed Actions 04 2016 - David Jacobs, Gary Clarke, Andrew Horsfield
Wednesday 27th July 2016

The Northop Hall player David Jacobs was given an ABB in the 1st XI match against Highfield on 2nd July.

The Disciplinary Committee considered the offence of constant abuse of a batsman by this player was a reportable offence and requested a full report from the umpires.

The player has been banned for one week commencing midnight on Friday 29th July until Friday 5th August with a further week suspended until the end of the 2016 season.

On the 16th July in the 2nd XI match between Caldy and Sutton, the Sutton captain, Gary Clarke, was reported for threatening behaviour towards an opponent. 

Sutton CC has banned the player for three weeks from midnight on Friday 22nd July until midnight on Friday 12th August with a further three weeks suspended until the end of the 2017 season.

On Sunday 29th May, Andrew Horsfield of Newton le Willows CC telephoned the L&DCC Honorary Secretary with details of the playing record of an Australian 2nd XI player at Rainford CC, stating that he was too good to play 2nd XI cricket.

Horsfield gave his name as Andy Smith from Rainhill CC but subsequently this was discovered that this was untrue.

Before phoning, Horsfield had failed to dial 141 to conceal his identity and so his number was revealed when 1471 was dialled. When a called to the number was made a short time later, the owner's identity was requested and Horsfield identified himself.

On being presented with this discovery, he was given several opportunities to put his reasons in writing, all of which he ignored.

This behaviour was considered to be covered by Clause 1.8 of the L&DCC Disciplinary Regulations 2016 as an incident relating to a player's conduct not provided for elsewhere in the regulations.

The decision of the Disciplinary Committee was to ban the player from playing cricket for the rest of the 2016 season or until such time as he produced his own version of the events for consideration by the disciplinary sub committee.

This was duly reported to Newton le Willows CC which had already suspended the player again for not producing his account of the events.

Horsfield appealed against the decision and an Appeal Hearing was held on Tuesday 26th July.

The Appeal Panel confirmed the original decision to ban the player for the remainder of the 2016 season because he has sought to subvert the L&DCC Constitution and a player's playing rights by deception and when discovered he had compounded his deceit by denial and failure to cooperate.

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Disciplinary Report Agreed Action 02 2015 - Andrew Horsfield (Newton le Willows)

Disciplinary Report Agreed Action 03 2016 - Oliver Jump
Thursday 7th July 2016

A report was received from the match between Northop Hall v Highfield on 2nd July 2016,

Highfield CC has banned Oliver Jump for two weeks with a further two weeks suspended until the end of the 2016 season for verbal dissent using abusive language.

The ban was immediately put in place commencing at midnight on Saturday 2nd July until midnight on Saturday 16th July. The Disciplinary Committee has accepted the ban.

Highfield CC is commended for its prompt action in the case.

Disciplinary Report Agreed Actions 02 2016 - Tyler McGladdery, Justin Snow
Sunday 1st July 2016

Rainhill CC has banned Tyler McGladdery for dissent and equipment abuse during the match against Rainford on the 18th June 2016.

He has been banned for three weeks with three weeks suspended until the end of the 2017 season

The ban commenced at midnight on Friday 24th June and will expire at midnight on Friday 15th July.

An earlier notice recorded that a report had been received for Northern CC's Justin Snow.

The club disputed the recommended punishment and a Disciplinary Hearing was held on Thursday 30th June. The Disciplinary Panel agreed the offences were deserving of a two week ban with a further two weeks suspended until the end of the 2017 season.

The player has already served a one week ban and the second week's ban will commence at midnight on Friday 1st July until midnight on Friday 8th July unless an appeal is lodged.

Disciplinary Report Agreed Actions 01 2016 - Israr-ul-Haq, Lee Martinus, Sam Smith, Justin Snow
Friday 10th June 2016

Three Disciplinary Reports have been received and actions taken whilst a fourth is under review by the Disciplinary Committee.

Israr-ul-Haq (Maghull) was reported for dissent, abusive behaviour and failing to leave the pitch when directed by the umpire in the match against Ainsdale on Saturday May 21st.

This serious breach required a Disciplinary Hearing which was held on Thursday June 9th.  His club, Maghull CC, had previously banned the player for five weeks with a further five weeks suspended until the end of the 2017 season. 

The Disciplinary Panel agreed that this was sufficient punishment. The player had already served one week of the five and the remaining four weeks will commence at midnight on Friday June 10th.

Resulting from three matches played on Saturday June 4th,  three Disciplinary Reports were received with the following bans commencing at midnight on Friday June 10th, imposed on the players by their clubs:

Lee Martinus (Orrell Red Triangle) has been banned for two weeks with two weeks suspended until the end of the 2017 season, for dissent by action and verbally.

Sam Smith (Southport Trinity) has been banned for one week with one week suspended until the end of the 2016 season, for dangerous bowling of high full toss deliveries.

Justin Snow (Northern) has been banned for one week with one week suspended for dissent. This ban is under consideration by the Disciplinary Committee as to its length.