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2. Registering as a user

There are three registration steps required to enable you to input results on behalf of your club.

1. Registering as a user of play-cricket
2. Registering as a user of your club's site
3. Getting admin rights for your club's site

2.1 Registering as a user of play-cricket

Firstly you need to register as a play-cricket user, if you have not previously done so, by visiting Note on the right hand portion of the screen, there is a 'Sign In' section for existing users with a Username and Password. Under this there is a blue button marked 'Register!' . Click this button to register as a new play-cricket user.

This will take you to a screen on which you will be asked to input some personal details, and create your username and password. Just follow the on screen instructions.

Fill in the form that appears with all the required details, and any other information you wish to give, and click the 'Send form' button at the bottom.
Once the details you have given are accepted, a new screen appears (you can add your personal details and apply for additional membership of other sites). Or just click the Finish link.



2.2 Registering as a user of your club’s site

If you are not already set up as a user of , then you need to register with your club. This is a very simple process. First you need to go to the site (see 'Links to clubs' Play-Cricket sites' below). 
You will be able to see most of the information on your club's site, but if you are not registered as a user of your club’s site, then when you click the 'Members' tab on the horizantal bar, you will be denied access. 

Follow the instruction, 'To apply for membership of this site Click Here', and you will then be invited to supply the club with your details.

Complete the details, then press the button 'Apply for Membership' at the bottom. Your membership application is submitted, and once the site administrator has confirmed your application (you will receive an email telling you he has, and welcoming you as a site member) you can access the members only areas of your club's site, like statistics, the members list, the information board and forums.

2.3 Getting admin rights for your club's site

The next stage towards being able to add scorecards is to obtain administration rights for your club's play-cricket site.

Instructions for the User

You first need to contact your site administrator (details via the 'About Us' option on the website), and let him know that you would like admin rights so that you can add scorecards. He will then go to the member database, and set up those rights. As a result of this, you will receive an email to the address that you supplied. Once you respond to the instructions in this email, then your status as an administrator is confirmed. Once that is done, you will be able to add and check scorecards for your club’s games, as well as access the other admin functions.

This part of the process should be completed before the start of the season, so that you are ready to begin immediately.

Instructions for the Site Administrator

To set up a new online administrator for your club the person will need to become an online member of your club first (as described above). Your site can have as many administrators as required. Once membership has been granted, there are actions for both of you to carry out:

You need to log on and go to the administration area of your web site. Next go to the 'members' area and then 'member database'. Click on 'review applications' and accept or reject any requests for membership (note you should only accept online members who are actual members of your club).

If you accept a member they will be compared to existing names in your database. If there is an existing name that is the exact same person click on 'match' and you will avoid duplication in your member database. If they do not already exist in your database click on 'grant membership without matching'.

Once a person is an online member of your club, you can make them an administrator of your club web site. Next to the name of the new administrator click on 'roles' (teacher's hat icon) and under 'web roles' apply for them to have the type of administration roles you would like them to have. This will send the new administrator an email and make them a pending administrator.

The new administrator, on receiving the e-mail, needs to go to your club's home page and log on.

Once logged on, the 'Admin' button will appear at the bottom of the left hand menu. They need to click on this and accept the terms and conditions.

Once accepted they too will be an administrator of your club system, and be able to update areas of the site for which they have administration rights.

2.4 Links to clubs' play-cricket sites

Our clubs' play-cricket website addresses are in the format http://[name-of-club]

For example

play-cricket website addresses for all of our clubs can be found on the Liverpool Competition website, under the Clubs section, via the following link.

Your club should also have listed there, under Club Contacts, your club's play-cricket site administrator, who is the person responsible for giving you the admin rights mentioned above.

2.5 Lost club administration access to play-cricket

If, for any reason, your club has lost track of who has your admin rights for play-cricket, or you can no longer gain access through your play-cricket account, then the following is the procedure to follow.

In order to change the administrator of a site in circumstances like this, your club secretary or chairman must send a letter to the address below, on club headed notepaper, requesting the change and nominating the replacement, who must be a registered play-cricket user (with their own username and password) and a member of the club site (either active or pending). We can then make the necessary changes.

Chris Higginbottom
play-cricket Helpdesk
England and Wales Cricket Board
Lord's Cricket Ground
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2 Registering as a user
2.1 Registering as a user of play-cricket
2.2 Registering as a user of your club's site
2.3 Getting admin rights for your club's site
2.4 Links to clubs' play-cricket sites
2.5 Lost club administration access to play-cricket
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3 Selecting your team
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4 Setting up squad members
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5 Inputting scoreboards
5.1 Finding the fixture
5.2 Inputting the summary result
5.2.1 Bonus points to be ENTERED
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5.2.3 Special care - 'no decision' matches
5.2.4 The Highlights box
5.3 Checking the teams
5.4 Inputting the scorecards - batting
5.5 Inputting the scorecards - bowling
5.6 Viewing the scorecards
5.7 Away team checking scorecard
5.8 Both teams confirm the scorecard
5.9 Viewing the statistics