procedures - 3

3  Selecting your team

It is not vital to input your team into play-cricket prior to the match, but will make it simpler and less error-prone for opposing clubs to enter results against you.

There are also additional options within play-cricket (eg on-line 'ticking off' by players) not detailed here, but which you may wish to consider.

3.1 Finding the fixture

All your club's League and knockout Cup matches have already been set up via the League website ( To find the game you wish to deal with, logon to your club’s site, and click the red 'Admin' button that then appears in the log in area of the screen. This will give you access to the site administrative functions; the most noticeable difference (see below) will be that, instead of the site colours, all of the headings, menu options etc., will appear in black and white only. If you are putting in your team before the game, select 'Fixtures' from the left hand menu; if you are putting in the scorecard after the game, select 'Results'.

If you select 'Fixtures', a list of your club’s forthcoming games will be displayed (see below).

The individual fixtures can be accessed via the icons to the right of each one:

View fixture – allows the user to view, but not change, the fixture details.
Edit fixture – allows the user to add or change details of the fixture; the basic details (date, time etc.) should not be changed, but meeting place details can be added if desired if the site is being used to notify the team prior to the game.
Edit team – allows the user to input a team selection before the game, and make changes to that

3.2 Picking a team


If you Edit team, the following screen appears:

If your club site was used last year, then there will probably be some 'squad members'; these are the players whose names had been input into the scorecards on the site last season. The last team selected will automatically be shown in the boxes, so once you have selected a side, all you have to do each week is make any changes. If the user clicks on a space on the left, so that it becomes highlighted, and then clicks on a squad player’s name on the right, that player is inserted into the team.

If you make a mistake and click an incorrect name, then you can delete the name by clicking on it and clicking 'Clear'.

If you do not know the team in full, then highlight a space and click 'Player To Be Confirmed'. You can then add the player’s name when it is known.

If a player is being selected whose name does not appear in the squad, then click the
'Pick Player from Database' link, to add the player to your squad.

3.3 Adding a player

If you click the ‘Pick Player from Database’ link, a pop-up will appear, with the list of players on your club’s database (below).

You can use the boxes at the top to search through this list, or the links at the bottom to scroll through it. Once you have found the name you want, click 'Pick' and the player’s name will appear in the highlighted box.

If the player’s name does not appear in your database, then enter his surname in the 'keyword' box and press 'Search'. A new pop up will appear, allowing you to add the player.

Click on the 'add a new member' link, and a 'pop up' appears to let you add the new player: 

Type in the player's first name (please use upper and lower case properly for both names e.g. 'Chris', not 'chris' or 'CHRIS'), check the 'Squad Member' box so that the player is also put in the squad list (if required), and press 'Save'.

The new player is now added to your club's database and the team being selected, and will appear on the full list next time, and in the squad if you check the box. Once you have selected your team, you have several options.

3.4 Saving and publishing the team

You can publish the team on your website; this lets your members know what the team selected is, but is only visible to site members.

The team selected is now ready for the game to be played. Once it has been played, the clubs can then add the result and scorecards from the game.

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2 Registering as a user
2.1 Registering as a user of play-cricket
2.2 Registering as a user of your club's site
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2.4 Links to clubs' play-cricket sites
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3 Selecting your team
3.1 Finding the fixture
3.2 Picking a team
3.3 Adding a player
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4 Setting up squad members
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5 Inputting scoreboards
5.1 Finding the fixture
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5.2.3 Special care - 'no decision' matches
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5.4 Inputting the scorecards - batting
5.5 Inputting the scorecards - bowling
5.6 Viewing the scorecards
5.7 Away team checking scorecard
5.8 Both teams confirm the scorecard
5.9 Viewing the statistics