procedures - 4

4  Setting up squad members

For each team, it is a good idea to keep your squad of regular players up to date. This will save time over the season while inputting teams and results, and will make it simpler and less error-prone for opposing clubs to enter results against you.

4.1 Editing a squad

You need to have been granted full admin rights to use this method, not just permission to administer fixtures or results. If you have not, then fear not, there are other ways to add squad members when selecting your team or inputting results.

To edit your team's squad, logon to your club’s site, and click the red ‘Admin’ button that then appears in the log-in area of the screen. Then select the ‘Teams’ menu option on the left hand side. A list of teams within your club will appear:


   Next to the team, click the icon showing two yellow figures, to edit the squad.


A screen will appear, headed Member Database, inviting you to give squad membership to players within your club’s database. Beneath that will be a list of any players who are already members of the squad that you are editing. Click the option to apply ‘Squad Member’ role to other users in your database.


A list will appear of other club members in your database. You can refine this list by adding all or part of a surname, then clicking 'Search'.

Tick the box next to any names that you wish to add to your squad. Then click the 'Apply' button, and those selected will be added as Squad Members.
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2 Registering as a user
2.1 Registering as a user of play-cricket
2.2 Registering as a user of your club's site
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3 Selecting your team
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4 Setting up squad members
4.1 Editing a squad
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5 Inputting scoreboards
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