ACU&S scorer's course
webmaster - Wednesday 10th August 2005

Last January, this website featured a notice inviting anyone who wanted to attend a scorers' course to contact John Isterling. Unfortunately, he didn't have any takers.

Clubs are asked to take this notice seriously. As well as it may have been intended, the standard of scoring in some cases during the season has been much to be desired.

Where youngsters have been concerned, they have been too easily distracted by their friends resulting in errors being made. At one club, persistent ball games in front of the scorebox have hindered the scorers throughout the season. This must cease.

Clubs are reminded that the area in front of scoreboxes should be kept clear at all times. The scorers, and maybe someone to operate the 'tins', are the only people that should be allowed inside the scorebox.

As with umpires, there is a shortage of competent scorers and clubs are strongly urged to do whatever they can to solve this problem. This appeal is aimed at people who want to take up scoring, or to further the knowledge of ones that already do. It is not intended for those who are 'taking the course for taking sake' and have no intention of scoring.

John and Myra Isterling are prepared to hold an ACU&S scorer's course before the start of the 2006 season, but only if they have sufficient candidates (any age), say a minimum of six. The venue would be dependant on the location of the applicants.

The course, of six to seven weeks duration, would be held on a Sunday morning from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon in February-March 2006.

So as to set up the course, numbers need to be known by mid January, so will interested parties please ring either John or Myra on 01352 840800 or e-mail to isterling@btinternet.com as soon as possible?