Dressing room alert - there's a thief about
Tuesday 23rd August 2005

This is a warning to all clubs concerning the security of their dressing rooms.

At Liverpool CC last Saturday, Formby's 1st XI had various items, phones, money and bank cards stolen from their dressing room whilst they were fielding. Despite there being a sign on the door relating to valuables, unfortunately some of the players believed that things wouldn't happen to them and so they declined the invitation to place their valuables with their scorer.

Some of Liverpool players managed to get something of an ID of the person concerned. He was in his 40s, bald head with sideburns.

Once he had gained access to the changing rooms, he put on a Formby t-shirt and tracksuit, thus giving himself an alibi if stopped on his way back out.

Having stolen bank cards, he had already been to the local supermarket to buy cigarettes and obtained 60 cash back before Formby came off the field after the second innings. It was only when he tried to do the same at another till that he was told the transaction could not be authorised that he left the card and fled.

This can happen to all teams anywhere, not just LCC, as there have been reports of similar happenings in a game in the Merseyside Alliance, where the perpetrator took car keys and a phone. When the rightful owner phoned his mobile, he was told he could have his keys back for 200.

Teams need to be vigilant and look out for anyone suspicious who fits the description given and hopefully lead to this person being apprehended asap.

Maybe all clubs should do more to provide adequate lockable changing rooms for both sets of teams.

Never leave valuables in the dressing room even though it may be locked. Always leave them with a responsible person, eg the scorer, and let's hope we don't have a repeat of this unfortunate incident.