Proposal of Sefton Park CC to AGM at Bootle
Sefton Park CC - Saturday 30th December 2006

By now your club will have received the papers for next monthís Liverpool Cricket Competition AGM. These papers contain our clubís proposal (seconded by Maghull) which instructs the Management Committee to deduct penalty points from New Brighton for the one player for whom no evidence of eligibility has been provided.

At the end of season meeting at Sefton in October the clubs were informed that the Management Committee had decided that the 4 players who first turned out for New Brighton in June (Nadeem Ashraf, Akhtar Shafiq, Faisal Butt and Adnan Farooq) were all deemed eligible after investigation despite no evidence being presented for one player, who we are led to believe is Adnan Farooq.

As you may well remember our club wished to put this issue to the clubs at that meeting in October but the Chairman informed us that it was not possible and we would have to request an SGM or submit a proposal to the AGM. The latter is the course of action we have chosen.

We see this as a very simple issue. We are steadfast in our view that the player for whom no evidence was produced was then and still remains ineligible. The match he played in was won by New Brighton and the penalty for playing an ineligible player would result in New Brighton losing 25 + 10 = 35 points. This would see our clubs swap places. We are asking all clubs to support us and ensure that the LDCC follows its own registration rules.

As we articulated in October we take no great pleasure in pursuing this issue but feel it is a course of action we are forced to take given the fact the Management Committee decided upon a collective approach to eligibility and not an individual one as required by the constitution. Player eligibility can never be anything other than an issue determined on an individual basis.

We are aware that asking clubs to alter the table after the end of the season is unusual and not desirable. It is however not without precedent. After the end of the 2002 season Colwyn Bay were denied promotion after finishing top of the 1st Division due to a player being deemed ineligible. Indeed the present Hightown issue has seen the composition of divisions for the 2007 season become a moveable feast regardless of the outcome of the eligibility issue before you now.

Some of you may feel that taking such issues to the AGM in January is not perhaps the way to run a league. We are of the view that a clear breach of rules has taken place and the appropriate penalties must be deducted. However, we did attempt to resolve this issue by proposing a resolution at the End of Season Meeting.

We trust that we can rely on your support.

Stuart Marshall-Clarke  Michael Poole Christopher Wylie
(Chairman) (President)  (Cricket Chairman)


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