Admin for the start of the season
Saturday 15th March 2008

It is just four weeks to the start of the 2008 season and time for a spot of admin to avoid a late last minute rush.

Teams will receive their result sheets at the pre-season meeting but before matches can take place, certain items have to be downloaded from this website. They are as follows:

1.  Club notice board team sheets

2.  Umpires team sheet.

    This must be completed and given to the umpires before each match, failing which an fine of 25.00 will be charged and the umpires will refuse to start the match.


    If a club should provide incorrect information to an umpire with regard to the age/date of birth of a junior player for whatever reason, the following penalty will apply:

    A deduction of all points gained, plus a fine of 75.00 and any further penalties imposed as the Management Committee considers necessary in the circumstances and for which there will be the opportunity for appeal by the club. [Playing Regulation 6(b)(v) and (vii)].

    In a knockout fixture, the same penalty will apply with the exception that the match will be forfeited instead of points being deducted.

3.  Captain's umpire report card.

    This has to be downloaded for all 1st XI matches, completed and returned to Mike Dixon at mcua@blueyonder.co.uk. To assist in the card's completion, look here.

    The above may also be accessed by going to TEAM SHEETS on the left hand column.

4.  Clubs are also requested to enter their team selections on the website forum which can be accessed, members only, by going to the FORUM section on the left hand column.

5.  Your attention is drawn to:

    (i)    Constitution Rule 3(g) Membership:

    Each member club is responsible for the payment of an Annual Subscription which automatically due by the 1st May, plus a fee to cover the cost of at least one full or two half page advertisements in the Annual Handbook, which said amounts will be agreed at the preceding Annual General Meeting of the Competition. Non payment by 1st July will incur an immediate penalty of 50.00 for each month or part thereof, that the subscription remains outstanding.


    (ii)    Constitution Rule 6(d) Finance:

    Should any monies remain outstanding at the date of the first league fixture in April in any year, no match points will be gained by the offending club in all team league fixtures until such a debt is paid to the Hon. Treasurer and/or to the satisfaction of the Management Committee.