ECB Club Cricket Championship 2013
Aaron  Campbell - Thursday 6th December 2012

Please find attached the full draw for the 2013 ECB National Club Championship. This draw is also now live on the play-cricket.com website. As you will know from previous emails, it has been necessary to add a Preliminary Round due to the high number of entries we have received for next season's competition.

Preliminary Round

The Preliminary Round has been scheduled for Sunday 14th April and there are a total of 27 Preliminary Round matches which are necessary. The wet weather reserve date is scheduled for Sunday 21st April and must be played by this date as the first round is scheduled for Sunday 28th April. If your match cannot be played due to the weather on both 14th and 21st April you will be required to get a result, either by a bowl-out or coin toss, to determine who will go through to the First Round match.

If your club finds itself having a Preliminary Round match and you no longer wish to take part in the competition, please let both me and your opposition know by the end of January at the latest and you will receive a full refund of your entry fee and your withdrawal before the end of January will have no impact in your involvement in the competition in future years. If a team withdrawals from a Preliminary Round match, their opposition will automatically progressed to the First Round draw.

If you are drawn at home and you wish to play in the Preliminary Round but are unable to host (for example, your outfield may still be being used as a football pitch as I know is the case for some clubs), you are entitled to ask your opposition whether they are willing to host or find an alternative ground that is near to you. Please also note that if BOTH teams agree, I will permit the Preliminary Round match to be moved to Sunday 21st April, however please note that if the game is not played on this date due to weather, a result will be necessary so either a bowl-out or coin toss will be required to determine who will progress through to the First Round.

First Round

For the majority of you, you will not be required to play a Preliminary Round match and will be placed in the First Round draw. The majority of you will also know your opposition already but some will be waiting on the result of a Preliminary Round match before knowing your opponents. The First Round is scheduled for Sunday 28th April however, if you know who your opposition are already, you may move this match to earlier in April (if you are in a 10 team league it is likely your league programme will not start until early May so you may wish to play your First Round match on a Saturday before your season starts) or even move it later up to Saturday 4th May. For a wet weather date, this can be agreed if necessary between the two teams but must be played by Bank Holiday Monday 6th May at the very latest. Please note that the Second Round is to be played on Sunday 12th May.

Fixture Scheduling and play-cricket.com Website

All fixtures will be set on play-cricket.com on the set fixture date and umpires (see below) will be appointed on these set fixture dates (Preliminary Round Sunday 14th April, First Round Sunday 28th April). If you agree with your opposition to change the date of your match from the set date, please can you both change the date on play-cricket.com AND inform me of the date change. It would be very helpful to have all changes confirmed by the end of January as the Regional Umpires Appointment Secretaries will begin to look at the possible appointments for Preliminary and First Round matches soon after this date.

All teams have been uploaded onto the play-cricket.com website and are usually the '1st XI' side for each club. If, when you look on the website, you would prefer another team from your club to be listed (some prefer the 'Sunday 1st XI' to be the one that is listed in the draw) please let me know and I will update the website.


For all matches, including Preliminary Round matches, umpires will be appointed to your matches centrally by ECB. This will be done via an online appointments system called 'Who's the Umpire' (WTU) which was also used in the 2012 competition so many of you will have used the system before. I will send out information in March detailing how to use WTU and how to find the details of the umpires that have been appointed to your match. Umpires will be appointed based on the draw and also any changes that you inform me of and updates on the play-cricket.com website. If you fail to inform me of an agreed change of date for your fixture you will not receive appointed umpires and will be highly likely to have to forfeit the match, so please ensure that you let me know of any changes to the fixtures and update the website.

For the Preliminary Round and First, Second and Third Rounds, the home club will be required to pay for the umpires expenses on the day (which will set at 30 plus 30p/mile per umpire, although most umpires will not travel too far to the appointments) and home clubs are entitled to claim back up to 50% of the cost of umpires from their opposition if they wish to. ECB will be responsible for all umpire expenses from the Fourth Round onwards.


Each home club will receive two balls from each match in the week before your fixture and this will be sent to either the home address or club address (whichever one you specified on your entry form). The balls used will be the same Tiflex ball that was used in 2012.

Rules and Regulations

Updated rules and regulations of the competition will be released early next year.

Club Contacts

Please find attached a contact list for every club that has entered the competition. This is based on the information that you provided on your entry form and will include an email address, phone number (usually mobile) and the ground address for each club. Please use this information to contact your opposition for your first match. If this information is incorrect, please let me know and I will send out an update when required.

If you have any queries about any of this, please do get in touch.

Kind regards


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