AGM 2013
Saturday 15th December 2012

In accordance with the Constitution of the L&DCC Item 7, notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Liverpool and District Cricket Competition will take place on:

Tuesday 15th January 2013 at Bootle Cricket Club at 7:30 pm

Please ensure that these papers are passed on to the appropriate person/persons.

AGM 2013 papers

webmaster's notes:

For reference, the proposed auditors are Chaytor, Steele and Co,  Chartered Accountants of 9a Derby Street (adjoining Lloyds TSB), Ormskirk L39 2BJ.

Referring to the Liverpool/Skelmersdale proposal for the 1st and 2nd XI knockouts, a more logical and acceptable proposal would be for 8 teams (4 matches) to play in a Preliminary Round to leave 32 teams (16 matches) in the First Round. This would give the other 28 teams a free date early season for the arrangement of National or County Knockout matches.

As regards the 2013 fixtures already being done and having to redo them if the proposal went through, that's not a big ordeal as they could be done quite easily in an evening. In fact, two sets should have already been done. It's a simple task. Saying any changes would have to take effect in 2014 if the proposal is accepted is the Management Committee's way of saying they don't want the changes. I'm sorry but the excuses don't wash. If the person responsible is making excuses, he shouldn't be in the job as it's clearly too much for him.

Also why isn't the 1st XI Knockout draw listed in the AGM agenda?