Newton le Willows vandalised
Friday 15th November 2013

Vandals went on a wrecking spree last night, leaving a trail of destruction at one of St Helens' biggest sports clubs.

Newton le Willows Sports Club, whose cricket teams play in the Liverpool Competition, was targeted by thieves who stole the stock of drinks and smashed bottles and televisions.

Devastated Club chairman Ian Walkden said: "Unfortunately on last evening a number of people decided to break into the club and basically trash the place. What they couldn't take, they vandalised.

"They smashed televisions, set off the fire extinguishers and basically just wrecked the bar. They turned on the oven in the kitchen, left it on, pinched a TV off the wall and loaded all the stock they could carry into a van and scarpered.

"It was obviously a planned job as they knew what they doing with the alarm.

"Modern society dictates that burglary is part of everyday life, it is the level of damage caused. Shoving a fire extinguisher through the front of a TV purely because they couldn't carry it, is not normal, neither is what was left in the ladies' toilets. If they couldn't carry drinks, they emptied them all over the lounge bar."

The Crow Lane East club was formed in 1858 and caters for cricket, tennis, football, hockey, rugby league, rugby union at senior and junior levels and bowling for adults.

Club organisers are concerned because income is being lost because the bar was closed after the break-in to enable repairs to be done and stock to be replaced pending discussions with insurers.

"The club is run entirely by volunteers and it is really disheartening for the community," said Ian.