Cost of an appeal increases seven fold
Tuesday 12th May 2015

Clubs should be made aware of the following before the season goes any further.

The L&DCC Management Committee has a habit of pushing rules in through the back door without having clubs' approval and the following is such an example.

Up until this season, an appeal against a disciplinary decision was subject to the payment of a 50 deposit which was returnable on the appeal being successful.

That sum has now been increased SEVEN fold to:

'250 for each club and 100 for each other participant exercising their right of appeal . . . . the amount will be refunded in the event of such appeal being successful.'

In addition to the above:

'The travelling expenses of the three members of the Appeal panel plus those of any others called to give evidence will be the responsibility of the player's club. The L&DCC will pay these expenses if the appeal finds in favour of the player.'

This increase will mean that a club must pay at least 350 before an appeal can take place and then added to that will be the panel's travelling expenses.

This is an attempt to deny a club or player the chance of an appeal and thereby denying them their human rights.

Had last years' suspensions all gone to appeal and been charged this season's rates, the L&DCC would have raised in excess of 7000.

Not all the clubs will be able to afford to pay the increased sum and will have no option but to accept a player's suspension even though they may be completely innocent of any charge against them.

It is yet another money making racket by an incompetent Management Committee.

re: Rules and Regulations handbook, page 55, section 5.3 and page 56, section 5.10.

  Disciplinary Regulations 2015