Teams conceding in the Chester Cup
Monday 1st June 2015

The Chester Cup was introduced in 1991 to give 2nd XIs a taste of knockout cricket.

This season, an unprecedented five teams have conceded matches, three of them in the third round alone, making a mockery of the competition.

Teams have been conceding whilst their 3rd XIs have played on the same day, which is contrary to the rules of the L&DCC.

Why these teams are allowed to remain in the LDCC is beyond comprehension. They clearly do not have the playing strength.

The list of shame reads:

1st round:
Birkenhead St Mary's (v Lytham)

2nd round:
Lytham (at Rainford)

3rd round:
Rainhill (at Alder)
Orrell Red Triangle (at Ormskirk)
Parkfield Liscard (v Bootle)

* Birkenhead St Mary's 1st XI also conceded their first round match at Lytham in the Ray Digman Knockout Trophy.

Parkfield Liscard's 1st XI also conceded their third round match at Bootle in the Ray Digman Knockout Trophy.