Disciplinary Report Agreed Action 01 2015 - Craig Prince (Bootle)
Friday 12th June 2015

A Disciplinary Report has been received from the 1st XI ECB Premier League match Northern v Bootle at Moor Park on Saturday May 23rd.

The player, Bootle's captain, Craig Prince, was reported for 'verbally dissenting several umpiring decisions'.

After the match, the player apologised to the umpires but his apology was not accepted. The report states otherwise, ie that the apology was accepted.

Bootle CC suspended the player for one week from midnight Friday May 29th, resulting in him missing the match against Bootle v Highfield on the following day.

Bootle CC did not support the Disciplinary Committee's  recommended disciplinary action of a two week suspension with a further four weeks suspended until the end of the 2016 season.

On Tuesday last, the Disciplinary Panel deemed this action to be excessive and reduced the penalties to a one week suspension, which had already served. with a further two weeks suspended for twelve months.

This decision has been accepted by Bootle CC.

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