Newton le Willows fail in claim for points in 3rd XI match
Wednesday 17th June 2015

On Sunday 31st May, Newton le Willows 3rd XI played Rainhill 3rd XI in a Sunday First Division (North East) match scorecard.

The match ended as a draw, 4 pts each. It later transpired that Rainhill 2nd XI had conceded their Chester Cup match on the same day against Alder scorecard.

With that in mind, Newton le Willows claimed they should have received 25 pts instead of 4 pts and that Rainhill be deducted 10 pts as the 3rd XI match should have been conceded and the Chester Cup match played.

The matter was discussed at last night's Cricket Committee meeting and the following diatribe has been issued:-

Cricket Committee met last night, the Rainhill v Alder Chester Cup 2s fixture and that of the NleW v Rainhill 3s league fixture, both scheduled to be played on 31/05/2015, was an agenda item.

It was agreed by Cr Co that, under the terms of Playing Regulation 6.1 P 12 of the 2015 Rules and Regulations Handbook, the result of the 3rd XI fixture should stand as the Rainhill 3rd XI was not under regulation driven compunction to cancel the 3rd XI fixture and to play in the 2nd XI Chester Cup fixture in lieu of a 2nd XI.

Regulation 6.1 has been in place for many years and has always been taken as a single and contiguous block sub clause.

The opening sentence that defines this clause specifically states that the clause applies to  league fixtures, it refers to the need for these to be fulfilled at the highest level on a given day, it does not apply to cup fixtures as these are subject to potentially different eligibility rules and are referred to separately.

The sub clauses 6.1.1/5 that follow are all league driven responses, cup competitions are covered separately under regulation 6.1.6

Knowing how the Management Committee works and that one of its own is a Rainhill member, it would have been too much for Newton le Willows to expect a simple, favourable reply. Instead, they receive a reply that is written by someone pretending to be a barrack room lawyer, and so full of bovine excreta, that it takes several attempts to understand what it says. If he read that out at the Old Bailey, the judge would have told him to read it out again in plain English. What is he trying to prove? You can supply the answer to that one. One answer could be that, in replying the way he did, he has no respect whatsoever for Newton le Willows or its players.

This brings to mind an instance some years ago when on a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon in August, Rainhill refused to play Orrell Red Triangle in a 3rd XI match because their 1st XI was playing a Merseyside Alliance match on the ground on the day after, Bank Holiday Monday.

A precedent has now been set. "The 2nd XI can't be bothered fulfilling a cup match, we'll play a 3rd XI match instead and brush the spirit of cricket under the carpet."