Rainford concede Embee Trophy match
Thursday 18th June 2015

Following on from the recent article on 'teams conceding matches', Newton le Willows have received notification that Rainford have conceded their Embee Trophy match this evening because 'the Under 15s are playing'.

Just remind us for a minute. Isn't Rainford the league Chairman's Club?  Isn't it down to him to show an example? Clearly NOT!!!!

One wonders if there's a link between this and tonight's NatWest CLUB T20 match at Ormskirk.

The whole scenario makes a mockery of the lengths Colwyn Bay went through to accommodate Ainsdale last weekend. As Ainsdale were at Penrhyn Avenue on Saturday in a First Division match, the Bay arranged their Ray Digman Knockout Trophy tie for the following day so as to prevent their visitors from making two journeys. The Bay even arranged overnight accommodation for their visitors.

Ainsdale lost both matches but their gratitude extended to Twitter with the message:-

Massive thanks to for their superb hospitality this weekend. Top top club.

Comments received after the above was originally posted include:

1. "It gets worse. The league is in decline. It should be renamed #pleaseyourselfleaguewhenyouwanttoplay. So now 3rd XI cricket is less important than kids' cricket. Fantastic!"

2. "What do you expect? Typical Merseyside Alliance mentality, look after number one without a care for others."

3. "It doesn't say much for Rainford's administration skills if they arrange two matches for the same evening."

4. "Just another instance of one club denying another club a game of cricket. #patheticandselfish"