LDCC clubs asked to play NatWest CLUB T20 area and regional finals before domestic final
Monday 29th June 2015

It's not very often that clubs agree with what they read on the LDCC Management Committee's 2000 per year greentop website, but what appeared today asks the impossible (see below). Peals of laughter were heard around the area and what's more, they don't even know the name of the competition.

It states 'Area Finals come early to L&DCC'. Indeed they do as clubs are being asked to play in their 'ECB NatWest National Club T20 2015 Competition' area and regional finals before playing in the LDCC's domestic final, which is listed as being on Sunday 19th August. This is 17 days after the Area Final and 3 days after the Regional Final. Apart from that, the 19th August is a Wednesday.

This is yet another major error by a Management Committee that is expected to be treated with credibility. One that also appears to be hellbent on trying to replace a long established club that has not had its ClubMark renewed because it is unable to field an U9s team. Isn't it a coincidence that the 'relegation to a feeder league' clause has been activated? But that's another story.


Date: 29th June 2015

Area Finals come early to L&DCC

The Central Lancashire League has withdrawn from the ECB NatWest National Club T20 2015 Competition.

The ECB Area Finals on Sunday 2nd August 2015 will now therefore be hosted by the MiL&DCC in 2015 as it is the next league in the four year rotation cycle.

The MiL&DCC representative team will be New Brighton/Northern/Ormskirk or Southport & Birkdale CC and will be decided on Sunday 19th August at Northern CC

To give its representative team the maximum support it can the MiL&DCC chooses to stage this Area Final at the ground of its representative team on Sunday 2nd August.

The ECB Area 1 Final will now be a three not four club competition.

In outline:

With 3 clubs, all will play all and each league representative team is therefore guaranteed two games on the day

The first game will contain the MiL&DCC representative side v the side travelling second furthest.

The loser from this game plays in the second game v the club travelling the furthest.

If all three clubs win one game each the winner is decided on the simple overall run rate from both games.

The games will start at approximately 10.00 / 13.00 / 16.00.

Should the MiL&DCC representative club be successful in this Area Final, this club will then also host the Regional Finals on the 16th August as well vs the winner from ECB Area 2 i.e. The Birmingham Premier Cricket League/The Cheshire County PCL/The North Wales PCL and The North Staffs South Cheshire PCL.

Yes folks, it's like something you'd expect to read out of a Christmas cracker.