Trying to achieve the impossible
Tuesday 17th November 2015

Realising how 'difficult' it has been for the President of the L&DCC to create a universally acceptable set of fixtures in recent years, yours truly rang him this afternoon to offer to create a set for 2016, having created acceptable fixtures for over twenty years without any objections from clubs.

I didn't get far as you may appreciate if you've ever tried to ring him. First of all you have to get past his guard dog wife.

"May I speak to Eric please?"

She hung up. I tried again. No answer, I waited and tried a third time. She answered.

"May I speak to Eric please?


"Why not?"

"I don't want you speaking to him."

"It's up to him to decide that. Can you please put him on the phone?"

"No. I don't want you ringing this property again. End of."

After which she hung up.

Is that how the President of the L&DCC, a so called ECB Premier League, should act? Like a spoilt child hiding behind his wife's apron strings. You could hear a squeak in the background. Sitting like Hitler and Eva Braun in their Eagles's Nest in Bagillt.

It will be interesting to see what he does come up with as it is he, not the Fixture Secretary, that does the fixtures. Will we again see Bank Holiday fixtures at the end of June?

We had a system that worked for years. They discard it thinking they can come up with something better and once again, failure. Not just ordinary failure, but embarrassing failure. People on the sidelines laughed in disbelief.

Is it any wonder that it has been said the Comp is now run by a dictatorship, a band of three? They won't speak to anyone. They are so full of their own importance and think they are so far above everyone else that other people don't exist and clubs aren't doing anything about it.

This is an example of where the feeling of power goes to one's head and creates problems. He's brought it on himself and can expect criticism but in his case, is ignorance bliss? Maybe not if he's too frightened to answer a telephone.

For someone whose sole ambition was to be President, he is fulfilling the statement he made several years ago: "I am President. I make the rules. Everybody does what I say."

Clubs deserve to be treated fairly, it is their right and the purpose of the phone call was in their interest.